Apple Music Streaming on Apple Watch 3 Over LTE Lasts Up to 7 Hours


Apple released watchOS 4.1 yesterday, which introduces the ability to stream Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio over LTE on cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 models.

To clarify the impact of this new functionality on battery life, Apple has outlined that the device can last up to 7 hours on a single charge when streaming Apple Music over LTE (via MacRumors). 

Apple watch LTE

Apple has rated all Apple Watch Series 3 models for up to 10 hours of battery life when playing music from the watch’s built-in storage.

Since the new watchOS 4.1 also features a new Radio app with access to Beats 1 and other Apple Music radio stations, Apple notes that the Apple Watch Series 3 battery can last up to 5 hours when streaming live radio over LTE.

“Apple says battery life varies by use, configuration, cellular network, signal strength, streaming quality settings, and many other factors. For outdoor sessions with the Workout app, the Apple Watch Series 3 is rated for up to three hours of battery life with streaming audio, GPS, and LTE. That’s one hour less than an outdoor workout without streaming audio.”

To learn more about the latest watchOS 4.1, click here.


  • Le Tuxedo

    How about data? How much it will chew up your expensive Bell data plan?

  • Kirk

    I said this before and I’ll say it again I just love how Apple Jacked up watchOS 4 for series 2 users. In watchOS 3 we had the option to control the whole library on your iPhone (from the watch) and scroll through the catalogue select music and hit play and it will play right off of the iPhone. So in esssence my watch was a glorified remote. Now the only option is the now playing watch face. They decided to remove that feature for literally no reason and they clearly added it on series 3 LTE watches as a part cellular connectivity. It blows. Yes it was buggy because on watchOS 3 because of possible connectivity issues but just because you discontinue series 2 watches doesn’t mean you could just rip features out of it and pretend like it doesn’t exist lol… I need to submit this to the feedback forums lol.