Apple Says New Campus Location to Be Decided Without Bidding Process


Earlier this week Apple announced it planned to invest $350 billion in the U.S. over the next five years, creating 20,000 jobs and more. The company also noted it was planning to build a new U.S. campus as well, but did not elaborate on its location.

Unlike Amazon and its bidding process for their HQ2, which revealed top 20 contenders this morning (Toronto being one of them), Apple confirmed to Reuters no such auction would take place, echoing what CEO Tim Cook told ABC News yesterday.

“We’ve narrowed the list a lot,” Cook said of potential cities, adding “We wanted to narrow it so we prevent this auction kind of process that we want to stay out of.”

Apple said it will reveal the location of its next campus later this year.

Recent drone flyovers of Apple Park, the company’s newest headquarters, show ongoing final touches to landscaping and more.


  • Tim

    They’re actually being more reasonable in their approach (Apple). Amazon’s “search” is a bit of a PR stunt that’s intended to drive all of these cities/states into a race of concessions. Whatever they choose will probably be a place that’s provided them with an unprecedented tax holiday on various avenues. It’s financially smart on their part, but the “winner” could be left wondering if the sacrifice was worth the cost with property price hikes, traffic increases and other impacts to city services and day to day cultural shifts that manifest themselves.

  • Dany Quirion

    They just built Apple Park and still have infinity loop, why the hell do they need another campus.