[Update] Apple Online Store Down Globally, White iPhone 4 Coming?


Update 1: Looks like Apple’s website got a slight redesign. New navigation bars, and the Mac site is different. It’s much easier on the eyes, and lets you focus more on products. Also, there are some new animations too. Very nice.

Tonight, the Online Apple Store went down globally it seems, which normally means regular maintenance. But it can also mean minor product refreshes or updates.

However, a late night tweet claims that the online store downtime is due to the launch of the mystical white iPhone 4!

The new white iPhone 4 part numbers are reportedly ’MC604X/A’ for the 16GB and ‘MC606X/A’ for the 32GB. This prediction is attributed to the previously linked Twitter user who has provided accurate information in the past.

Is the white iPhone 4 launch imminent?


  • Anonymous

    White iPhone eh? A little late to the game. I think Apple should work on the next iPhone instead….

  • splicer100

    I can only imagine what people would say if Apple delayed the next generation white iphone.

  • Dennis

    False alarm…

  • I have read in some blog that Verizon’s and apple are combining to develop i-phone 4 ,..which is more advanced than i-phone 2 and 3 also it will be a great release too,..i was looking for the next release the design is really stunning with white design,..Ecommerce website development

  • Leafsacc

    Who cares. Quad core NGP and the next iPhone 5 is only dual core?! Pshhhhh…