Apple Pay with RBC and CIBC, One Week Later: Share Your Experiences [POLL]


One week ago, Apple Pay finally expanded in Canada to Visa, MasterCard and Interac for RBC and CIBC customersย (as we told you it would), with TD, Scotiabank and BMO set to follow in June.

How has your Apple Pay experience been so far in Canada with RBC and CIBC? Take part in our poll below, then share any stories you have about the setup process (thanks for adding an extra step RBC), using it in store, and reactions from cashiers.

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  • Jeeverz

    The only silly thing is that RBC makes you install the RBC Wallet to verify the card. So now I have an app that just sits there, separate from my banking app. Then again, small price to pay for ApplePay, so be it.

    TD/SCOTIA suckaaaaas!

  • Matt

    You don’t need it after initial setup

  • Still waiting for TD! #doh

  • aaloo

    haven’t seen too many people using it yet. but i always get the envious looks when i use it. lol. gangasta

  • Many99

    I know this sounds stupid but since I’ve started using ApplePay I actually enjoy spending my money with it. There was only one place that I went to variety store that didn’t have a nfc terminal (buying lottery ticket) My only complaint of ApplePay is the $100 limit.

  • Bleep Bloop

    You don’t need RBC Wallet. When I first signed up my debit card, they recommended it but I phoned in. On the phone, their automated voices say you need to first install it, and I didn’t. The rep asked me if I had it installed. I laughed and said no way. Not a problem. Set up without RBC Wallet. Admittedly, I understand on their end why it is easier to have it installed. It reduces the # of people phoning to set up Apple Pay (I set up my watch and visa using wallet after setting up my debit card and it was much quicker).

  • Loosen your skinny jeans, hipster!

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    Still waiting for TD ๐Ÿ™

  • Alexandre Forget

    Use it a couple of times at Tim Hortons with RBC Debit card.

    Works perfectly each time and damn it’s so fast !!!

  • djepsilon

    I’ve had mixed results using my Apple Watch. Sometimes it works perfectly, but other times it takes a couple tries to get it to go. iPhone works flawlessly though! I’ve been a cash guy always, but now it’s all about the Apple Pay!

  • Alex

    Actually legitimately great, has worked every time. Usually when I’m getting groceries or something I have my phone in my hand anyways for the loyalty card (Airmiles, PC plus, etc), so now I just pay with the phone already in my hand. All very seamless.

  • Drew R

    tried @ Starbucks with RBC Visa card , didn’t work but for some reason Wave has also never worked for me @ Starbucks… maybe because the use old US Bank tech card readers

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Love how easy it is to use when the store accepts tap and plays by the rules. But I’ve had a few occasions where the employee added 50 cents to my total without telling me first. When confronted they said, “Oh, it’s because you paid by credit card” Sometimes they sheepishly take their sneaky charge off the total and sometimes they argue that it’s just 50 cents so what’s the big deal. Well, if it’s just 50 cents and it’s no big deal, why did you sneak it onto my total then? Tim Hortons and other big retailers haven’t pulled this scam on me, it’s always the hipster cafes and Garfield kiosks at the TTC subway stations where people are too embarrassed to say anything or too much in a hurry to notice. Check your receipts, you’d be surprised how common it is getting.

  • Mrleblanc

    Or for people of Quebec province:
    Still waiting for Desjardins, National Bank, Tangerine, Capital One

  • Dany Quirion

    waiting for scotiabank and tangerine

  • Dany Quirion

    yes haha but alot of ppl in Quebec use BMO, TD, RBC apart from Desjardins so

  • Dany Quirion

    dont cry it was 50$ when paypass arrived ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Mrleblanc

    Not really, the second biggest is National Bank and I don’t know anyone on those other bank myself. Doesn’t mean nobody use them but they are far less popular outside Montreal than Desjadins and National Bank !

  • Many99

    I know it was, I just wish we could determine what our limit should be for instance mine would be about $230 (groceries purchase)

  • Nyk0n

    CIBC didnt require anything…after scanning and adding card details it said …contacting CIBC….waiting for reply…..card added…took about 45 seconds for my debit and about 50 for my credit card to add from clicking the add button in wallet to having them on my phone. love it…used it first time at Canadian Tire last wednesday then used it a little bit every day since…works awesome….even did a refund with it…no issues.

  • Nyk0n

    waiting on Scotiabank as well. also Capital One Canada (Costco) but i doubt that will ever happen for a couple reasons: 1 its your Costco membership card as well. 2 who ever gets out of Costco under $100??? lol

  • Nyk0n

    i have tried ApplePay at a tap to pay at super store gas pump that didnt work…the phone never saw the NFC and the pump never saw it either even though it had same tap logo as indoor merchant terminals…wierd

  • Dany Quirion

    yes really

  • Mrleblanc

    Outside of Montreal and Quebec those bank are completely non existent ! Go to Rimouski, Trois-riviรจres or Riviรจre-du-loup and you you find any branch nor ATM for these banks… But you’ll find Desjardins everywhere and some National Bank and maybe a Lorentian bank if you’re lucky

  • Strigoi

    The key to using it is not saying “Apple Pay”. NYFries takes tap to pay I used Apple Pay and the person wanted to call the manager because I used my phone to pay. Thai Express – the lady wouldn’t let me use my phone she demanded to see my bank card. McDonalds, Esso, Tim Hortons, Kernels, Bento Sushi have no problem. They were very interested on how I could pay with my phone. I find any place that takes Interact Flash will take Apple Pay, they just don’t know it. I will use it everywhere I shop, if you don’t take it then I’m not shopping there.

  • It’s Me

    That’s reported to be an issue with Samsung Pay. Because it works with POS terminals that don’t accept tap and pay a lot of stores get a little freaked out when a customer pays with their phone, as they assume it’s hacking the system somehow.

  • Shaun Middleton

    It’s been awesome when it works. Some of the terminals I’ve tried just beep when I hold up my phone and tell me to swipe my Visa card. I have no idea why.

  • tomm

    I use it now everywhere where they accept VISA and have the proper terminals, like Thriftys, Canadian Tire, etc. I prefer to use my Apple Watch to the iphone, but both work great. The only time it did not work was when I tried to pay for over $200, VISA has a limit of $100. Lot of the cashiers have a very positive look and some are impressed. I was once disappointed when a cashier did not even acknowledge what I was using to pay, he took matter-of-fact-ly. The only bummer is that I still can’t use it with my PC Master card, hope that’s coming soon.

  • Nyk0n

    Just did a Tim Horton’s Drive through in NE Calgary….pull up and window opens an she tries to hand me the debit terminal i reach for it she sees my phone and pulls it back closes the window and hunts for the scanner (she was thinking its was my Tims Card.) i said no this is debit via Apple Pay i need the debit terminal…she looked confused and reached it out, tapped my phone and it was done…she looked confused and said thanks…i said its ok, its new to Canada so lets your co-workers know about it she said thanks. drove off with my my coffee….not as seamless as it could have been but i was only one in the drivethru so no biggie.

  • Nyk0n

    you wont really find Desjardins or National Bank anywhere outside of Quebec and a few places in Ontario i think….have never seen one in Calgary, Edmonton or Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Vancouver, Nanaimo…

  • Dave B

    It has worked 100% of the times I have tried it while sober.
    If failed every time (actually just once) when I was drunk. In fact it turned me into a bumbling fool at the checkout.
    Clearly, the only logical conclusion is that Apple has turned me into a cyborg and controls my mind.

  • Nyk0n

    lol maybe too much booze on the hands to make touch id work?

  • Mrleblanc

    Did you even read ? I’m talking about the Quebec province… as far as I know none of those city are in the Quebec province

  • Mrleblanc

    Did you even read the conversation ?! I’m talking about the Quebec province… and as far as I know none of those city are in it:

  • Worked the first day for me with my RBC MasterCard. Since then Iโ€™ve used my AMEX at a few places, but havenโ€™t used my MasterCard again. (My AMEX has a better cash back rate so I use that as much as possible. Itโ€™s been working great (mostly) for me for months.)

  • Haha last point very true

  • Which Thrifty’s do you go to that accepts tap? No dice in Sidney or Saanichton.

  • Lol!

  • Zapperman

    To be fair, you never mentioned that you were limiting your statement to the province of Quebec. Nykon was just being helpful stating we don’t see those branches out west. No need to be antagonistic. English is not your fortรฉ.

  • Mrleblanc

    The DISQUS APP messed up… This was a reply to someone

  • Zapperman

    Has worked seamlessly for me half a dozen times. Save-on, superstore, Canadian tire, Esso and shell. My only concern so far – in my excitement to use it, I rarely checked the $ amount before using. Not often wrong, but worth noting to make sure you don’t authorize an incorrect amount.

  • Dany Quirion

    Yourw not going really far.. Its full of bmo td and cibc where i livw

  • Dany Quirion

    In quebec its illigal to add extra fee to a transaction by card. To bad for the other provinces

  • Dany Quirion

    Youre right, maybe someday ????????

  • tomm

    Thrifty’s in James Bay, where I live.
    Don’t they have the tap in Sidney or Saanichton?

  • tomm

    I pay at Costco with my PC Mastercard, but they don’t have Apple Pay yet. Too bad they don’t accept Amex anymore. And I won’t be able to use my MC Mastercard at the Superstore, not yet anyway.

  • Sidney definitely no, they don’t take tap with my MC or Amex. Saanichton tried to tap but nope. They have older Ingenico models with no tap. So sad.

  • tomm

    I’ll try it for gas with my VISA. I always use my PC Mastercard because you get twice as many points than with any other card, but it’s worth it to try it out with VISA with my iphone or Apple watch.

  • gerry

    I’ve used it a couple of times, paying with my Apple Watch. Every time I used, it, people behind me or around me wondered what I just did.

  • SOB

    Most cashiers couldn’t care less when I have used Apple Pay. However, the Subway guy was impressed this past weekend.

  • SOB

    Got an email recently from CIBC. They said there was an issue that if I used Apple Pay at a Petro Canada gas station using my Petro points MC I wouldn’t get my two cents off per litre. They are working on it.

  • Grant Fengstad

    Everyplace I have used Apple Pay has left the service personnel amazed and asking questions.

  • Eric

    McDonalds is a disaster.. it works and doesn’t work ๐Ÿ™

  • mrideas

    I learned quickly to just ask if they had tap to pay and if so Telling then I was using my credit card. The first time I tried it at Tims and said I was using my phone and they were all confused that I wanted to use my Tims card..after saying credit card it went smoothly and I used my Apple Watch to pay and it had them in awe and asking questions. Pretty much has worked at all the tap to pay except at vending machines at the airport in Calgary where it appeared to work and then just wouldn’t. Despite having contactless all over the vending machine. I gave up. Lots of places I tried it said I was the first person to do so and they all thought it was super cool. No negatives so far. Waiting for Scotia Amex card with them to be live and then it will be excellent. I’ve used RBC visa, MasterCard and debit and it’s all been easy breezy.

  • Mrleblanc

    Outside of Montreal and Quebec those bank are completely non existent !
    Go to Rimouski, Trois-riviรจres or Riviรจre-du-loup and you you find any
    branch nor ATM for these banks… But you’ll find Desjardins everywhere
    and some National Bank and maybe a Laurentian bank if you’re lucky

  • Mrleblanc

    Then just say you pay via Interact when they ask and only take your phone out when it’s time to pay

  • canadan

    I’ve been using it for every purchase since I installed it last week. I love the ability to use my debit card as well since I don’t always want to use my credit. It has worked perfectly every single time in my experience and I love using my Apple watch since all I have to do is double tap the side button and boom! Done! Phone stays in my pocket. As long as the place has tap and pay, it works. TTC, Loblaws, Shoppers, Rexall and pretty much all small businesses as well. Really enjoying my Apple watch now!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    That would be the best solution if Interac gave cash back and helped with my credit rating. But unfortunately they don’t and Credit Cards do. It’s a silly system that assumes you are bad with money if you never borrow any, but that’s what we have.

  • Arthur Shen

    I found that the transaction history would not show on iPhone if the payment is made by apple watch. I am using RBC VISA.

  • I would love to give my input but BMO hasnt launched it yet the slow s.o.b’s

  • SV650

    Last time I went to use Apple Pay, an incoming phone call blocked the payment screen. Other than that odd-ball incident, it has been flawless.

  • Mrleblanc

    Can’t you just say interact and use your credit card ? I thought once the little machine was set up it would accept any form of payment… Debit, Credit, Paypass, NFC, etc… I thought casher only asked to know if you would use cold hard cash because they need to open their cash drawer (?). Maybe it’s something you should try and say you took the wrong card if it does not work!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I know that at least at some stores you have to specify or else it won’t work. I’ve accidentally said debit when I meant to say credit and the employee needed to push some buttons to correct it.

  • Shippo7

    Yes, if you are sure that the POS supports Tap, just mention you wanna pay with credit card, and then tap your iPhone quickly. Apple Pay is exactly same as credit card tap. Don’t waste the time to explain what is Apple Pay with the cashier.

  • PlayerX

    IAt McDonald`s restaurants that have the new self-order kiosks, I use the McDonald`s app to present the digital coupon code to the kiosk’s optical reader and use Apple Pay to make the payments. At Shoppers Drug Mart I also use Apple Pay and scan my Optimum card from their app.

    I just wish more businesses had Amex fap to pay enabled

  • Tim

    I crapped all over it (on this website) before I used it, but I actually really like it.

  • Tim

    The cashier at Jean Coutu, one of the official supporters, gave me sh*t when I said “debit” then used Apple Pay. She said the store doesn’t accept it, but she clearly didn’t know what she’s talking about. I imagine these issues will stop in a week.

  • Yup, that’s pretty much normal. The Apple Watch is a different virtual card, so it’s handled separately (and is why it had to be added separately). If you look at your receipts, you’ll see the card number displayed on the receipt is different depending on which device you paid with.

  • Or “debit card” if you’re using your Interac card, but yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing since the beginning โ€” a year ago Apple Pay wasn’t even in Canada, so it wasn’t worth trying to explain it to anybody, and as long as the transaction goes through, the cashier really shouldn’t care.

  • Actually, yeah, I can totally see that with Samsung Pay due to the way it works, as it looks like you’re “connecting” something to the terminal, which would seem like a classic hacker move (for people who have seen too many movies ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

  • I don’t think I ever said “Apple Pay” but I’ve also been using it for over a year and haven’t found a situation where anybody challenged me when I tried to pay with my iPhone. I’ve gotten quizzical looks a few times, but most cashiers just shrug and let me try doing whatever it is I want to do.

    As one cashier said to me when he asked me about it afterward, “Sure it’s weird, but I honestly don’t care what you hold up to the terminal. As long as the computer says ‘PAID’ at the end, I’ve done my job.”

  • Unfortunately, for whatever odd reason, the cashier usually has to press the button โ€” most terminals need to into either “Interac” or “Credit Card” mode and won’t accept the other form. I’ve never understood exactly why this is the case, other than the fact that Interac uses completely different protocols between the PIN pad and the POS terminal (which pre-dates the days when CC’s used PINs), and I think most hardware manufacturers haven’t bothered to design terminals yet that can tell the difference.

    I definitely ran into that when I was first using Apple Pay with a VISA debit card last year. Made the mistake of saying “debit’ at Tim Hortons and of course it didn’t go through and the guy had to run the transaction through again as a “credit” transaction (which, to be fair, is the same thing that would have happened if I was using the physical card, as it’s a VISA card, not an Interac card).

  • Yup, that’s exactly my approach, and the reason Apple Pay is often easier than reaching for my wallet. I’m definitely not going to carry around Air Miles, Optimum, PC Plus, etc, when I can scan them from my iPhone (Air Miles doesn’t always work, but the places I’ve gone to are good enough to punch in the number when it doesn’t), and in that case, I already have my iPhone out to show the points/loyalty card, so I’m already ready-to-go for Apple Pay.

  • It’s Me

    Even worse is that with a lot of these older mag stripe readers on the terminals, they are not readily accessible by customers and are not meant to be (since there is no reason for it like PIN or tap). So, to use the Samsung Pay MST feature, you have to ask the clerk to let you reach over and touch your phone to their cash register to pay without using a card through their card swipe reader. Puts up red flags. Was reading some user comments about failures and denials over at one of the Android or Samsung forums recently. Funny stuff.

    Customer: I’d like to pay with my phone please.
    Clerk: sorry, we don’t do that here. Just card swipes.
    Customer: No, it will work. Just let me reach over the desk and fiddle with your cash register.
    Clerk: umm, no.

  • How do you find using the Apple Watch with most terminals? I’ve always tended to avoid it as it requires unusual contortions of the arm in so many cases to make it contact, and I’ve found a few cases where it was more of a hassle than it was worth compared to pulling out my iPhone. These days, I only tend to use the Apple Watch when there’s a very clear path and angle to the NFC reader.

  • Yeah, in Toronto most cashiers really do just take it very matter-of-factly. I’ve had some say “wow, that’s cool” but that’s about it, and it’s diminished a lot over the past year since I started using it.

    I have a feeling that maybe more people have been using Apple Pay here with U.S. cards or Amex, so it’s not as much of a “new” thing any more. Not to mention the handful of geeks who have been running around with Google Wallet for the past few years ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t think that’s an Apple Pay thing, per se โ€” I’ve had that happen with physical cards as well. Some terminals don’t retry the NFC connection as much, so if they get a bad connection the first time, they fall back to “swipe or insert” mode almost right away, ostensibly to prevent people from standing there all day and holding up the lineup while they try unsuccessfully to tap a dud card.

  • Costco’s limit is actually $200, to be fair. I don’t know if that’s a MasterCard thing or a Costco thing, but tap works fine there for amounts up to $200 โ€” I just made transactions with my RBC MasterCard on both sides of that amount last weekend.

    But yeah, I only get to use tap-to-pay at Costco about half the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, Starbucks tries very hard to push you into using their own Starbucks card system, so their POS system is otherwise…. well, a POS ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, that’s the reason I tend to shy away from using the Apple Watch unless I know that i can make good contact with the reader. It’s much more hit-and-miss.

    Plus, scanning barcodes from the watch screen doesn’t work as well for places like Shoppers Drug Mart and PC Plus (which doesn’t even show the barcode) so in those cases, I have my iPhone out anyway.

  • As others have pointed out, you don’t need to use RBC Wallet โ€” you can phone in instead. But more importantly, you don’t need to keep the app once your cards are setup in Apple Pay. It’s simply a verification method that RBC uses as a shortcut.

    Apple Pay operates entirely independently of your mobile banking apps. You don’t even need the RBC Mobile app installed to use Apple Pay, much less RBC Wallet. You’ll even still see the most recent 10 transactions in your Apple Pay settings, regardless of whether you have the banking app on your iPhone; you’ll see a link to open or download the app to see more transaction history, and if the app isn’t on your iPhone, that just takes you to the App Store so you can download it.

  • Yeah, I really do like the approach that RBC took on that one, and it’s especially great if you’re also setting up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, since you have to verify each device individually. With my original U.S. debit card, I had to call in, and since I didn’t setup my Apple Watch at the same time, I had to call in a second time for that one.

  • Haha, yeah, I can totally see that now that I think about it.

    However, I think it’s less likely to be problem in the U.S., which is arguably the market the feature was primarily designed for. Tap-to-pay and even chip is so incredibly rare down there that almost every terminal has a swipe reader right beside the PIN pad still.

    In fact, the U.S. wanted to enforce “chip and PIN” by the end of 2015, but now they’ve had to backpedal and settle for “swipe and PIN” which means that the stripe readers on terminals won’t be going away any time soon, and in fact we’ll probably see more of them that are customer-accessible, since PIN entry will be a requirement.

  • It’s Me

    I think that means it will be more of a problem in the US. Clerks are either conditioned to say “no we don’t use tap or PIN card” or they have no idea what either one is. In either case, asking to pay with your phone by accessing their register when they “know” they only accept physical cards is going to cause some concern.

  • As others have pointed out, this practice is illegal. Leaving aside the fact that they shouldn’t be doing this at all, it really won’t make a difference to them whether you’re using Apple Pay or not, as they’re still getting dinged the credit card transaction fees whether you use a physical card or an Apple Pay virtual card.

  • Sure, I can see that, but if the swipe reader is accessible to the customer โ€” as it is in almost all of the places I’ve been to in the U.S. in the past couple of years โ€” then it’s a matter of the customer swiping their Samsung Pay device through the card reader. Cashiers may still object to the procedure, but if it doesn’t involve the cashier, users are more likely to be able to do it without much interference, in the same way that we’re hearing stores about Apple Pay up here … some cashiers may balk at Apple Pay, but because their only role is to passively stand there and watch you do it, they’re less likely to actively interfere with the process.

  • Anthony ?

    No issues so far, when I go to pay I just tell the cashier “credit” or, depending on the place, I’ll ask if they support “tap”. I don’t say Apple Pay, that just confuses them.

    The only time I have issues is if the store accepts AMEX, but doesn’t support tap for AMEX on their terminals. Never had problems with VISA or MC.

    Did have a cashier at a local EB Games tell me “you can’t pay with your screen here” when I pulled out my phone (is that a thing?), then after confirming they support tap to pay with VISA got told “we don’t support that technology” when I went to use my phone to pay. Of course it worked, but what do you expect, it’s EB Games (how they stay in business is beyond me…).

    TL;DR No issues except when the store doesn’t accept AMEX tap.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    At this point there are just too many hands in my pocket. Every time I buy something with my phone Trudeau gets a cut, the province gets a cut, the bank gets a cut, Tim Cook gets a cut, the server gets a cut (wages + tip), the owner of the store gets a cut and now, on top of all that, I get shaken down for another 50 cents at the corner store. The middle class is shrinking and this is part of the reason why.

  • SV650

    PC Plus shows as a bar code on my Watch. It doesn’t on yours?

  • Hard to explain Apple Pay until you try it in action. It’s so seamless.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    all three towns you mentioned have bmo’s, rbc and cibc are in rimouski and trois rives… seems scotiabank and td are the only two without much presence

  • Huh, weird. No, it doesn’t show as a barcode at all on my Watch… I get the points accumulated and the PC Plus card number as text. I even tried removing it from Wallet and re-adding it from the PC Plus app on my iPhone, and same thing.

    Air Miles is the same way โ€” basically, I’ve been assuming that Apple Watch doesn’t display any cards that use traditional 1D barcodes โ€” all the ones that do display properly on my Apple Watch use 2D barcodes (Starbucks, Shoppers Optimum, Scene, Petsmart [self-minted], and iTunes). Air Miles and PC Plus use 1D barcodes, and only display the number in the watchOS Wallet app.

  • True, but I can also understand the point of view of those who would suggest that pulling out a card is just as easy. My girlfriend feels that way, but she keeps her iPhone either buried in her purse, or in her clutch next to her credit/debit cards anyway, so when it comes to reaching for one or the other, it makes no difference to her. Similarly, when I used a Book Book case, my NFC cards were right beside my iPhone anyway, so again it’s debatable how Apple Pay would be more convenient than that โ€” I used Apple Pay because I’m a nerd that way, but honestly I could have tapped the front of my case against the reader and gotten the same result without having to fuss with Touch ID ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the other hand, now that I carry a traditional wallet again, my iPhone is usually more accessible โ€” chances are I have it out anyway, and that’s almost a given if I’m also using a points card.

  • SV650

    Interesting. I use the app Stocard for most of my loyalty cards, but Apple Wallet for airline tickets, etc. Although the PC Points card is in both apps, I use it always from Stocard. I guess that’s one of the differences in the apps.

    I do have issues with stores still set up to use swipe tech, but most have been good about entering the number.

  • Tim

    The first time I used it, I had one hand/arm carrying a bunch of things. I reached into my pocket, pulled out my phone and watched the magic happen. This is especially useful since I keep my cards in an NFC shielded wallet with a clip.

  • Sir. Sexyman

    If you have your iPhone in a wallet case (cards on back or folio style), has anyone tried using Apple Pay successfully with your iPhone still in your wallet without your other tap cards (Visa, Credit, Transit) cards interfering?

  • I’ve been there with my Book Book, and it’s never been an issue, although in that case the cards are on the front of the iPhone, while I’d tap the back of the iPhone to pay.

    If the cards were in slots on the back, I can imagine it being more awkward, but you should still be able to pull it off by tapping the front of the iPhone against the reader. The basic goal is that the iPhone’s NFC chip has to be closer to the reader than any other cards in your wallet.

  • Ah, okay, that makes a lot more sense.

    In my case, I’ve found it’s usually easier to pull out the iPhone and have them scan that โ€” even with 2D barcodes like Optimum it seems to work better from the larger iPhone screen than the Apple Watch, but I’ll have to check out Stocard and see if that helps.

  • Damien

    There are still a number of business out there that don’t have tap enabled so it’s been frustrating having to run back the truck for my debit card. Hopefully in the next few months those business will hear and feel the pressure to add it. Outside of that Apple Pay has been amazing, not having to carry around a wallet or loyalty cards is really cool. Now if we can just get the Ontario government to add our Licences and Health cards to the Apple wallet?

  • Blake Reeves

    The key is DONT ASK IF THEY ACCEPT APPLE PAY – in Canada…, if you can TAP – you can APPLE PAY. Just say”Credit” or Debit” and then tap the TOP of your iPhone to to TAP Sensor…. I only ever had one time where it didn’t work – Tim hortons) but I was tapping the Center of the phone – not the top 3rd.
    I LOVE IT. Forgetting my wallet is now meaningless.!

  • Blake Reeves

    The key is DONT ASK IF THEY ACCEPT APPLE PAY – in Canada…, if you can “TAP” – you can “APPLE PAY”. Just say”Credit” or Debit” and then tap the TOP of your iPhone to the TAP Sensor…. without asking anyone – anything. Saying the words “do you accept….” is a line killer. I had a conversation at a Tim Hortons when it first came out… “do you accept apple pay now?” answer “NO”…. then i said ok credit.. and tried the phone = worked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yes, it’s like Fight Club. The first rule of Apple Pay is you do not talk about Apple Pay.

  • Exactly. I’ve never mentioned the words “Apple Pay” until after the transaction has gone through, and even then it’s only if they’ve asked outright.

    I started using it over a year ago, so it seems pretty obvious to me that asking the question would just confuse them, and at the end of the day, the POS system doesn’t know the difference at all โ€” Apple Pay is exactly the same to the terminal as a credit or debit card would be.

  • Yup, the closest I ever come is whether they accept “tap to pay” in those situations where it’s not already clear โ€” if they do, then they definitely will take Apple Pay. If not, then it’s time to reach for the wallet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, that’s almost the danger of Apple Pay for those of us early adopters โ€” looking for excuses to use it (aka “play with it” ๐Ÿ™‚ ) means that you pretty much have to spend money ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scouse@Large

    I don’t understand how some businesses accept all of MC, Visa, Amex, but don’t support Amex via tap. Really? What’s the big deal? I’ve seen that in quit a number of places since ApplePay launched for my Amex last year. Pain!!

    Aside from that, waiting on Scotia next mo.!

  • The short answer is that VISA and MC are opt-OUT for tap, while AMEX is opt-IN.

    In other words, if you have a contactless terminal in your business and accept VISA and/or MC, you get tap enabled by default, You have to specifically request that it be turned off when the terminal is configured if you don’t want it. With AMEX, it’s the opposite, and doesn’t get enabled unless you specifically request it. It also wouldn’t surprise me if AMEX requires additional paperwork or fees to be paid to enable it, but I’m not sure about that part first-hand โ€” only that you don’t get it turned on unless you request it.

  • rainforest

    My Apple Watch doesn’t show the history of transactions made on it. Is there any way to see this so I don’t need to grab a paper receipt each time?

  • John

    Anyone try tap to pay at the pump at Petro Canada with Apple Pay?

  • Sir. Sexyman

    I see. Had a Book Book for my 4S and 5S but not feeling the changed one for my 6S Plus hence the change to Sena’s Lugano Wallet. Will try it when my bank gets it. Gotta Love iLounge and Thanks guys.

  • Yeah, I did the Book Book for the iPhone 6 Plus for a few months, but ultimately I decided it just made more sense to go back to a traditional wallet โ€” it was just too cumbersome when you’re looking for easy access to your iPhone (although I’ve thought of going back to that or something like it with the advent of the Apple Watch, since that reduces some of the quick access need). I ultimately went with a Speck Candyshell Grip instead and gave up on the wallet idea entirely.

  • Matt

    Been working well in most places. Did not work in a Green P garage with the tap to enter/exit terminals. Too bad since its one of the cases I think would work well for the Watch tap

  • Matt

    Using CIBC Visa and seems to be inconsistent with the transaction history. Some transactions show up and others don’t. Maybe they’re still working out some of the kinks. I know with Amex you’ll see the history for even non-Apple Pay transactions but looks like that’s a setting at the Bank level.

  • That’s interesting… I had never seen transaction history for anything other than Apple Pay transactions using any other card โ€” even U.S. based cards โ€” so I wonder if Amex is doing something unique here. Most of them just give you a link to open the bank’s own app to see more transactions.

    Basically, I think most cards โ€” certainly the four or five I’ve used โ€” only show transactions made with that specific device, and don’t even share transaction histories with other devices. Which is a nuisance if you’re an Apple Watch user, as I don’t think there’s anywhere to see those at all.