Tell Apple the Stores You Want to Accept Apple Pay on This Form


How’s your Apple Pay experience in Canada been so far? Now that our Big 5 banks support the mobile wallet, it comes down to retailers to upgrade their point-of-sale machines to accept tap for payments and thusly be compatible with Apple Pay.

Apple has a feedback form here, which it wants users to fill out to submit feedback regarding Apple Pay.

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The form requires your first and last name, plus email address, so Apple can contact you if need be. There are four options to choose from in the drop-down menu:

  • I’m a customer and Apple Pay did not work as expected
  • Wish this business accepted Apple Pay
  • Wish my business accepted Apple Pay
  • I need technical support for Apple Pay

The drop down menu should also have an option to say “Wish my credit card provider/bank/credit union accepted Apple Pay”, don’t you think?

Once you make your submission, Apple will email you back with confirmation and say “Thank you for contacting Apple Pay Support. A representative is researching your inquiry and will respond to you within 1-2 business days.”

One of the best ways to get a local business to accept Apple Pay is to ask them about when their machines will take contactless payments. The more they’re made aware of the demand from customers is when they’ll finally consider upgrading their POS hardware.

Most owners are unaware Apple Pay can help speed up check out lines, as customers can bypass complex time-consuming prompts, swiping or inserting their cards and PIN verification.

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  • Mike

    Is it just me or the Apple Store app is not supporting any cards except for Amex for Apple Pay?

  • Jason

    Wish bank machines would allow you to withdraw using tap for the rare occasions you need actual cash.
    Side note. Not sure if this is an apple pay bonus or a bonus to anyone that uses tap, but i found that at locations that usually charge a fee for debit or credit card transactions (usually $0.25) didn’t charge me when i used by debit through apple pay but when i use the physical card im prompt with a screen saying i will be charged the fee.

  • Many99

    It’s not just you, ApplePay doesn’t even show up for me as a payment option with my visa, but does with other apps.

    has anybody been able to use ApplePay within the staples Canada app when I try to use it does accept my address

  • Mike

    For some reason it only supports Amex, so if you don’t have an Amex card it won’t show up. I didn’t realize individuals apps have to specifically code which network they will accept.

  • Mrleblanc

    They need to update the app every time apple add a new payment provider… This is very anoying for developer but will be fixed with iOS 10

  • Mrleblanc

    They need to manually update the app every time apple add a new payment provider… This is very anoying for developer but will be fixed with iOS 10

  • Gary Bowen

    This is awesome, especially for stores that accept “tap”, but only have a $100 limit. I just filled out the form for the Co-Op and Canadian Superstore grocery stores.

  • IMO Amex is the only one that has said the dollar amount doesn’t matter when using Apple Pay. All I’ve seen from the other banks is a $100 limit.

  • Mrleblanc

    1) This is false

    2) Why do you reply to me?

  • I agree with you that they need to change the supported networks within the app itself, but there is also the limitation of the issuing bank having a maximum cap on Apple Pay transactions. It may be a limitation of the VISA/MC/Interac networks, but there aren’t clear guidelines. American Express is the only company that has said there are no limits, but even on Apple’s FAQ it mentions a $100 limit (although for contactless purchases and not in-app purchases via ApplePay).

    I mean to reply to Mike, my mistake!

  • Mrleblanc

    The limit is only for old terminal or terminal with outdated software and is set by the merchant itself, not the bank or card issuer. There is no limit if the terminal is able to make the distinction between a contactless payment and an Apple Pay transaction. The limit is lifted because of the added security of tokenization and touchID.