Apple Pay Now Works at Longo’s Supermarket Locations


Looking for another retailer to use Apple Pay? Add grocery chain Longo’s to the list. The supermarket chain located in the Greater Toronto Area recently flicked the switch to accept contactless payments for American Express, we’re told.

Longos logo

While previously Apple Pay and Amex would appear to work at the chain’s point-of-sale terminals, transactions never completed. But that is no longer the case, as one store we spoke with said a software update occurred a few weeks ago, to allow for contactless American Express payments.

iPhone in Canada reader and regular Longo’s shopper, John, confirmed his Apple Pay transaction was successful yesterday, via the supermarket’s TD Canada Trust point-of-sale machine. A Longo’s location we spoke with on the phone confirmed American Express and contactless is now enabled.

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines that this is a sign Apple Pay is actually coming to TD. Last week, TD Bank announced support for Visa’s tokenization tech for Android users to make mobile payments via their banking app. Apple Pay utilizes tokenization to make mobile payments as well, but for now is limited to American Express cardholders.

Longo’s has 24 locations across the GTA and launched an iPhone app back in 2013 with Passbook support. Let us know if you’ve been using Apple Pay at Longo’s!


  • Scousaaa

    It’s worked there ever since Amex came to Apple Pay!

  • People before said before the transactions never went through on POS terminals. But it’s worked for your Amex and Apple Pay since day one? Which location?

  • winnertakesteve

    sadly the metro near my place does not support amex apple pay, even though they support both contactless payments and amex. convenience is the entire point of apple pay, and the canadian banks are really messing that up!

  • Scousaaa

    Hmm – in the Aurora location it has always been a non-issue for me.

  • John

    Never worked for me in Thornhill or Vaughan. But the fact TD pos supports Apple Pay is good news.

    Let’s hope Apple announces Apple Pay during their March event.

  • xeronine992

    I haven’t taken this step yet, but apparently if you speak to the store manager they supposedly have the ability to “make it happen”. From what I recall contactless Amex is not enabled by default for what ever reason (probably because they are so infrequent).

    Keep meaning to call my local Metro to see if they’ll do anything.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Was able to use Apple Pay for the first time over the weekend at a local pizza joint in Toronto…needless to say I was gobsmacked that Apple Pay worked there but not at any major retailers!

  • ticky13

    Apple Pay came online at my Longo’s (York Mills-Leslie) about three weeks ago after always accepting Amex but never contactless. Was wondering what was taking so long for you guys to report it.

  • Was waiting for your email! 😉