Apple Pay Launches in Singapore with AMEX; Visa Coming Soon


Apple Pay has expanded to its sixth market, reaching the city-state of Singapore, for American Express cardholders. In a statement to iMore, Apple said the following:

Starting today, Apple Pay is available for eligible American Express issued credit cards in Singapore,” Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay, told iMore. “So customers can now pay in an easy, secure and more private way. We’re also thrilled to share that credit and debit cards from Singapore’s most popular banks, including DBS, UOB and Standard Chartered will work with Apple Pay in the coming months — so even more people can experience the best way to pay from their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

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Apple’s Singapore website notes Visa support is coming soon, so it won’t just be American Express for long.

At launch, the following stores will support Apple Pay:

Screenshot 2016 04 18 22 03 14

The following stores will see Apple Pay “coming soon” (Apple Pay should reduce line ups at Food Republic and Bread Talk!):

Screenshot 2016 04 18 22 03 21

Aside from Singapore, Apple Pay currently is available in Australia, Canada, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. News of Singapore supporting Apple Pay was first announced by Apple last October, during the company’s 2015 Q4 earnings call, which also confirmed the mobile wallet for Canada.

While local banks in Singapore DBS, UOB and Standard Chartered are set to support Apple Pay with debit and credit cards soon “in the coming months,” many Canadians wish the same could be said of our banks here, who have yet to adopt Apple Pay.


  • erth

    Leaders of Canada, we are falling behind for a reason. We refuse to lead instead we follow!!!!

  • Z S

    I don’t understand why the banks or Interac won’t even come out and say, “We’re working on it.” or “We plan to support Apple Pay in the near future”.

    We’ve seen the hints. We know it’s going to happen eventually… but all the banks are saying is a canned “We have no information on Apple Pay right now” response.

  • winnertakesteve

    They don’t want Apple Pay at all. I’m sure the strategy is to either plug their ears and hope it just goes away, or to use it as a strong arm tactic to make apple offer them a special deal.

    My question is whether such deals are being struck everywhere else (and Canadian banks are just terrible negotiators), or if Canadian banks are so egotistical they actually feel they deserve something better than all the other countries that have gotten on board.

  • erth

    my guess is that they believe that they will only lose by giving their competitors an advantage.
    instead, they should be thinking of working with them.

  • Yet another country and still nothing at all in Canada, the banks here are bullshitters