Apple Pencils Being Stolen from Apple Stores, Employees Not Bothered [u]


According to several different reports across the web, a number of people have been stealing the Apple Pencil stylus for the new iPad Pro at Apple’s Retails Stores, whereas the store employees aren’t making any efforts to stop them either (via BusinessInsider). The Apple Pencil is already quite hard to find both in-stores and online, with estimated shipping times slipping to 4 or 5 weeks in the US and Canada.

Below user @fqure tweeted to Apple blogger Marco Arment detailing an Apple Pencil theft he witnessed:

Screen Shot 2015 11 21 at 12 29 20 AM

Similarly, a Reddit user IMPRNTD said that “[m]y local store in Canada mentioned that most of the Apple Pencils were stolen.” The user reportedly had a go with a Pencil and then had to find an employee to give it back, fearing it would be stolen. “I walked up to one of the greeters and had to get their attention to return it,” they write. “I could have easily just walked out with it.”

Twitter user Nathan Lam reported stolen Pencils from Apple Stores in British Columbia, claiming Apple “did not think of how to prevent Apple Pencil theft.”


Apple is yet to officially comment on the matter.

Correction: Earlier it was mentioned Marco Arment detailed an Apple Pencil theft, but rather it was a follower that mentioned it.


  • Apple Store employees probably don’t get paid enough to risk their lives chasing someone stealing a pencil, just a thought.

  • Mark O’Sullivan

    why would they care? the pencil costs less than $5 to make.. who cares if a few “disappear”

  • websnap

    As a former Store employee I can say that every employee is told never to chase a thief. My manager’s words “A pair of headphones is not worth your safety – they are things and can be replaced”. That’s not their job, they are not trained and if they do get hurt or worse the store, the managers and apple it’s self is then positioning themselves for a lawsuit. Our store had Security guards at high traffic times to handle that.

  • Tim Stewart

    They should just have special demo units that only have a 10 minute charge, that would be a pain to use outside of the store.

  • KIII

    I was on a call with Apple and thought to ask in the end about an ETA, was told just to go into the stores that it might be faster that way. Now there’s pencil jackers to contend with??

  • MapleMac

    From the tweet that was screenshotted, it’s wrong to say that Marco Arment detailed a theft when it was @fqure who described the situation.

  • gerry

    Agreed. Apply to all the stores I work at. Your life is more important than what the product is worth. Products can be replaced but a life can’t.