Apple Plans Changes to AppleCare Warranty Program


Big changes are coming to Apple’s after-sales policy, according to a person familiar with the matter and cited by AppleInsider. During a town hall session, Apple Vice President, Tara Bunch, revealed a set of new policies referred to under the “One Apple” brand, which will likely take effect across the US and the world this fall.


“The biggest announcement, was the way repairs for iPhones will be handled soon,” the person, who asked not to be identified due to their active status as an Apple employee, told AppleInsider. “The way it is now, if almost anything is wrong with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the entire device is exchanged for a like-new re manufactured (sic) device, whether brought into an apple store or sent in for mail in repair. Now we are starting to actually repair the products and return the same device to the customer.”

One of the notable changes is related to turnaround time: with Apple employees having access to advanced diagnostics tools and new in-house repairs — rumoured to roll out across the US, with international support coming shortly thereafter — we can expect to receive our Apple devices back that have been sent in for repair much faster then ever before.

Another important improvement — as detailed by the source — will target products no longer under warranty: customers won’t pay a universal “swap out” fee, but on a fixed price per device basis.

The changes also target the paid AppleCare service. The source says Apple will introduce a new tier linked to the customer instead of a specific product. Furthermore, it is rumoured to include exclusive 24/7 support as well, though this awaits confirmation. This will entitle the customer to in-store training, similar to the One to One program available to new Mac buyers.

Turns out Apple will boost its online resources, with the company aiming to provide more support for services such as iMessage. The updated pages will likely include interactive tutorials and video content.


  • Cyrus Wu

    So, should i be going for 3 year AppleCare plan right now extension or wait till theis comes out?

  • baitbus

    thats actually a very bad idea

  • teflon

    Big mistake.

  • fran

    I repair Iphones and I think this is a good change for many reasons. The change might not be good for those who shatter their screen (in the event that complete swaps increase in price) but for those whose mic or home button stops working this is great news. It’s impossible to accommodate to all customers but in my opinion, Apple still has the best warranty service.

  • Andrew B

    Seriously. That means there are shipping costs and shipping insurances. More iPhones lost in the mails. What happens to customers that don’t have other devices that support NANO SIM cards? So every time I need my phone repaired I have to change SIM cards and I have to go buy me another phone? That’s retarded apple! The only reason I’m not with Samsung is the repair process and customer service. Like that they ll be losing a lot of people unfortunately..

  • Keremmtl

    Looks like they already started, I was having issues with the battery life of my iPhone and they are going the replace the battery

  • Keremmtl

    They replaced the battery but the buttons stopped working, so I got a replacement phone

  • Robert

    This is horrible. It costs them less now to make an iPhone than last year with FoxConn. Now they’re asking us to pay full price for the phone if it breaks? Pathetic, I will go Samsung S4 then.