Apple Posts Another Two-Page Ad in The Toronto Star, Also in Japan [PIC]


Earlier this week Apple posted a full two-page ad in the Toronto Star, and this morning’s paper revealed yet another image from the ‘Designed by Apple in California’ marketing campaign.

The image is taken from the designated Designed by Apple in California’ web page and shows a woman riding in car while taking a picture with her iPhone. Next to the image is the company’s mantra on its intentions when designing products. Check it out below (via @drakeshipway):

Apple designed in california2

The ongoing marketing campaign is international too, as a couple days ago Apple took out a a two-page ad in a Japanese newspaper with the first ad we saw in the Star, notes Makotakara:

Screen Shot 2013 06 29 at 9 34 03 PM

Let us know if you see any further ads in your local newspaper.



  • Sunra

    The ads have been in a number of papers, inc local editions of the Globe and Mail. I think 2-page ads cost at least $40-50k so that ads up!

  • MleB1

    A Platitudes ‘R Us campaign trying to remind people of that cute
    little underdog of their computing youth, designed and built in
    California – while leaving out that inconvenient second half. Apple has
    become the monolith that it once disdained in Microsoft, pumping out
    lackluster products based on old designs and quietly tweaking it’s
    support to be less ‘insanely great’ – and expecting no one will notice
    or care.

    Designed in California? Images of laid back latte-sipping surfer dudes
    and chicks doing us all a favour a couple hours every day being
    supremely creative for our benefit belays the truth. And please pay no
    attention to the man (or legions of Chinese being paid $60 month) behind
    the curtain, making it all actually work.

    They want you to buy into image, not the reality. Apple designed in
    California (0% built there) is about as relevant as Lululemon designed
    in Vancouver (3% made in Canada) – with just a little heartwarming
    xenophobia tossed in for good measure.