Apple Posts New iPhone TV Ad – Retina Display


Right on the heels of the latest iPhone TV ad that focused on Game Center, Apple has released a new ad that focuses on the Retina Display. The commercial can be seen below:

The Retina Display on the iPhone 4 is by far one of my favourite features. The crisp, clear display is a real treat for the eyes, and I think it has spoiled me. After picking up the iPhone 4 last summer, the use of my iPad went down. The Retina Display truly is addicting since it’s so darn clear. Text and images just pop off the screen.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have the Retina Display, the highest resolution screen on any phone.

Has the Retina Display caused you to use your iPhone 4 more over other devices?


  • bekk45

    a shiny new screen isnt enough to get me to upgrade from my 3gs. -insert people telling me about other great features like a shitty antenna- ill wait for the next one.

  • Wuju

    Retina Display is very important to me, to a point it stopped me from getting the iPad 2 since it does not have one. Hard to go back and look at the old resolution. Hope iPad 3 has it.

  • Anonymous

    You’re still missing out. My iPhone 4 = twice as fast as your 3GS

    You won’t know what I’m talking about until you have one.

    For now, enjoy a sluggish iOS4

  • StevenHays

    I thought the same thing until I saw the iPad 2 in action. The display with an enhanced graphics processor make it incredible. There are even tests that show it to be very near retina display quality. Trust me on this one.

  • Fluxuated

    Yeah and in a few months, I’ll be using my iPhone 5, when you are using your slow assed iPhone 4. Can’t upgrade every year, but I’ll do it every 2.

  • Omac

    Haha flux and bek, u guys r a joke jealous of what u don’t have?, ip4 is the best and when ip5 comes out it will b the best and yes u can upgrade every yr, I’ve done it with 3 phones already and will do it again this summer, how’s your 3GS now?

  • Danny

    I never had iPad 1 and have an iPhone 4. Retina display is night and day. I think I’m spoiled using the iPhone 4. When I got the iPad 2 the difference was huge. Doesn’t bother me that much but definitely a difference.

  • Marcnoel

    My observation is that, aside from those functions that don’t require you to look at the screen (music listening, non-speaker calls, etc.), any other function requires you to look at the screen, making the screen a dramatic common element in the 4’s usage. I find this to be a major contributing factor to the phone’s appeal, as it is hard to take any other phone “seriously” with lower resolution. My wife has a 3GS, and she always laments going back to it after playing with mine. Until another phone is sharper, I think the 4 will rule, even if it is inferior in other ways. I have yet to encounter anyone who has said they’d rather have their “whatever” after seeing the 4’s display.

  • bekk45

    lmao at sluggish ios 4. its perfectly fine on a 3gs. i chose not to upgrade this year because the features were so underwhelming to me. Omac, i can get the iphone 4 anytime i want, ive been due for an upgrade for a year now. My 3gs is perfectly fine thank you very much.

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