Apple Posts Two New iPhone 5 TV Ads: “Orchestra” and “Turkey” [WATCH]


iphone 5 tv ad

Apple has uploaded a couple new TV ads tonight to their YouTube channel, one called “Orchestra” and another titled “Turkey”. Check them out below and tell me what you think:

Even when the world gets noisy, iPhone 5 with noise canceling lets you have a better phone call.

Here’s the ad titled “Turkey”:

iPhone 5 with Shared Photo Stream is the easiest way to share just the photos you want with just the people you want.

Looks like Apple is getting ready for American Thanksgiving.


  • kyd

    lame… i have an iphone5 but these ads are horrible

  • Delta_T

    Oh, I thought Turkey the country. I am not impressed.

  • dennis

    wow, geez thanks apple great to know the extra f***ing money I just spent on connectors is going to pay for your ad campaign instead of making a better alternative to google maps or improving my less than stellar siri.

  • 313photography

    What a cheap ads, nothing new and nothing is expecting from apple, just cheap ads and cheap phone

  • Rio

    lets see, should they take your 20$ profit they make from the lightning connector or get more people to buy an iPhone and use the 500$ profit. Derp

  • dennis

    I’d rather they give us something more revoloutinary like a fresh new OS or new look other than the same vanilla they have been recycling. imo

  • I’m switching to BlackBerry 10

  • Some of Apple’s commercials are really good and simple. Everything that comes from apple is simple and good, but not this two adds. They suck!

  • dennis

    I will probably be right behind you in line Gary, I will bring you a coffee just keep a spot for me. I hope BB10 is a success, I like cheering for an underdog especially a hometown Canadian co. In all seriousness I am jealous of the new BB os, its definetley a departure and makes Android look like a kindergartner.

  • BBM 10.0 = free calling over Wi-Fi. #mindblown

  • Kirk

    I am a huge fan of apple but yeah, these commercials suck!

  • dennis

    free calling over Wi-Fi? how does that work?