Apple Prices in Canada Finally Reach Parity with the U.S.


Prices for Apple goods in Canada have always been higher compared to U.S., but it appears now we have reached parity on a majority of products with our American neighbours.

An example? Canadian pricing for the iPad mini is identical to the U.S., with prices starting at $329. As for the existing iPad 2 and latest 4th generation iPad, prices dropped by $20 compared to just six months ago. As of early this morning, pricing for the iPad 3rd generation and iPad 2 looked like this:

After today’s special event, Apple Canada’s website was updated to reflect new pricing to reflect a $20 price reduction on the iPad 2 and the new 4th gen iPad, to match the USA:

If you take a look at the prices of iMacs, MacBooks and iPods, the prices are exactly the same (except for the Mac Pro, which is $50 higher in Canada). The iPhone is still more expensive in Canada by $50 if you are comparing unlocked pricing. As for accessories? They are still cheaper in the U.S.

Mac prices: Canada on the left, USA on the right:


iPods–they’ve reached price parity too:

This has never been a better time to buy Apple products locally especially with today’s announcement of the iPad mini, 4th gen iPad, Mac mini, and new iMacs. If you want to save even more, buy your goods in Alberta or Oregon to save on tax.

Thanks to @i0livier for contributing to this report.


  • Steven Thompson

    This is really awesome, especially with the $329 cost being higher than I wanted to see for the mini.

  • sidman

    Great, after 6 months my NEW iPad is OLD and the next gen is $20 cheaper. Thanks for nothing Apple. Usually very impressed, today, Not happy.

  • Yep. Canada has really grown up, eh?

  • draz

    Accessories haven’t caught up yet. The Lightning to 30-pin adapter is still $35 CAD vs $29 USD.

  • Yeah, we mentioned accessories were not par yet in the post.

  • draz

    Gah! Your amazing graphics caught my eye and I missed the last sentence in that paragraph!

  • No problemo 🙂

  • It’s disappointing, but this ‘update’ isn’t really groundbreaking either. Probably best to skip it and wait for the next iteration.

  • gerry

    It stunk that I paid CDN for my macbook pro retina display. But their price protection is 30 days. Darn.

  • Kirk

    Maybe the prices in the website are an “error”?? Like that lightning adaptor I’m still waiting for, for my iPhone 5! Lol joking…

  • That would be just cruel.

  • Just buy an iPad mini and you’ll feel better.

  • about time!

  • DS

    Does your iPad work any less? Is your Retina display less bright? What are you so discontent about man, you make absolutely no sense!

  • Fan boys rarely do make any cents 🙂