Apple Pulls ‘TV Shows’ Menu from Apple TV in Canada


Last night, Apple TV units in Canada were silently given an over the air update to introduce the TV Shows menu. Everything looked fine and dandy, however users were unable to purchase rentals, watch previews and more. It was essentially a useless update. Here’s what we saw yesterday:

Today, we now know why it wasn’t functioning the right way. Apple has pulled the menu update off Apple TVs in Canada. Most likely because the update was mistakenly sent out early, or the fact it wasn’t working properly.

The image below shows my Apple TV now missing the TV Shows menu. It was there when I turned it on, but momentarily it disappeared, just as fast as it appeared last night.

Do you still see the TV Shows menu on your Apple TV?

Thanks for the heads up @s_poole420!


  • Apple Fan

    Mines there but I use a US iTunes account because the Canadian one sucks

  • Jazz4u2

    Did they also pull the radio stations? Now I can’t listen to the radio on my Apple TV.

  • Marsdust

    I turned mine on and it was there but as soon as I clicked on it, it “deleted”.  Boy,  someone at Apple is in trouble or I don’t know what.

  • Cz

    How do you use a us one ?

  • Mine menu went yesterday…and I’m in Australia! What are they up to?