Apple Reaches Out To Retail Employees For Ideas To Boost iPhone Sales


A message sent by Apple last week to retail employees suggests that the Cupertino company is reaching out to nternational Apple Retail Employees for ideas to sell more iPhones in its retail stores, 9to5Mac reports. The company has done so in the past as well, seeking ideas from its retail employees to increase sales of its iPods, iPhones and other products / services.


The message titled “Career Experience: We want your ideas, Winning on iPhone team, Cupertino”  was reportedly sent out to Apple’s retail store employees late last week.

“Interested employees will be able to submit their idea and eligible employees will be offered an 8-week trip to work out of Apple’s Cupertino, CA headquarters with the iPhone sales team on the idea”.

A couple of weeks back, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to company’s Retail Store Leaders for over three hours, during which he expressed satisfaction with the way Macs and iPads have been selling via Apple Stores. Regarding the iPhone, he discussed that even though 80% of iPhones are not sold at Apple Stores, almost 50% of all serviced iPhones are troubleshooted, repaired, or replaced at Apple Store Genius Bars. He added that the company is also planning to implement new iPhone marketing tactics soon.


  • disqus_zDl9qTShUw

    Put an Android logo on the iPhone will be the only way I’d stick with Apple and buy another iPhone!

    Havn’t they already received and stole enough ideas from the jailbreak community?

    Is it just me or what has happened to Apples’ Innovation?

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    this is so unreal ! apple in california,( cupertino ) selling nicely crafted boxes for the packaging of devices wants ideas to boost iPhone sales now? iphone is already sold to telco. co’s . telco’s likely have a two to three years commitment in buying iphones and ipad’s and , does apple cares for real about selling what is already sold? this is absurd! it’s hilarious too! what is this all about ? testing how many stupid and ignorant apple employees in apple stores waste time to come up with ideas? or eventually they might want to collect data and then make statistics on how many “sleepy” employees are left in Apple stores and then, start turn over of the ones that are getting tired and start realising it’s a charity job.