Apple Store Refurbs: 32GB 5th Generation iPod touch for $219 Back in Stock


If you’re about to buy a fifth generation iPod touch, check out Apple’s refurbished store as 32GB models are back in stock at $219, which is $80 off compared to new. As of writing, models in blue, white & silver and yellow are available.

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It’s coming up to two years since there was an iPod touch refresh, and we expect a new design to come this year along with Apple’s rumoured larger iPhone, as that seems to be the formula the company follows.

But if you need a ‘cheap’ iPod touch right now, these refurbished units will do the trick for the kiddies. The price reduction to $219 for these 32GB models occurred last October; previously they were priced at $249.


  • This is an extremely good deal. I bought one for my oldest to replace his dead 4th Gen 2010 model a few weeks ago. The savings is great but I also got apple care. I would highly suggest buy a really good case. We have bought them the Griffin survivor models that have saved the ipods from trips down the stairs more than once. Too bad the blue one was not available then.