Flashback Friday: “Today, Apple is Going to Reinvent the Phone” [VIDEO]


Today marks eight years since Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone at Macworld in 2007, setting off the smartphone revolution we are experiencing today.

Watching the video below never gets old, seeing Steve Jobs blow away the audience with his brilliant on-stage performance:

Here’s how Jason Snell (when he was at Macworld) described his first hands-on with the iPhone back in January of 2007:

It feels small, and quite thin. The screen is remarkably responsive — I could sense no delay between when I pressed an on-screen button and when the phone responded to that finger press. I typed on its on-screen keyboard with my index finger, and after about a minute I felt that I was already well on my way to be a proficient iPhone typist. (The iPhone’s software works very hard to figure out what you’re trying to type, including taking note of what keys are nearby the one it thinks you pressed, in case your finger was just a bit off target.) And as you type, the keys “pop up,” getting larger as if they’re rising up to meet your touch, which gives you visual feedback that you’re pressing the right letters.

It’s hard to believe this was eight years ago.

I can still remember playing with an iPhone for the first time down at the Alderwood Apple Store in Washington State back in the fall of 2007. I was equally impressed by the device and its touchscreen and purchased it immediately, after reading on Digg hackers had figured out a way to jailbreak and unlock the latest firmware.


  • K3

    Great post man whats kind of weird is how the days where a person had to tell a PC user the benefits to switching seem now to be long forgotten.
    All those Mac vs. PC commercials…..

  • matt

    LOL I love the alderwopd apple store…

    They really need one in the Bellis fair area though, especially for us apple enthusiasts who cross the border on a more frequent basis

  • I was a PC user (Dell 700M) at the time. The iPhone pushed me over the edge and I jumped ship once the first aluminum MacBook was released.

  • Totally! Alderwood is good though, close to Chipotle! 🙂

  • iFone

    I’m exactly the same. First bought the iPhone 3G when it came out in 08 then bought the first line of Unibody Aluminum Macbook right after. Since then, I’ve been an Apple customer and haven’t looked back.

  • Chrome262

    iPhone, gateway device for your Apple addiction. Same with me, iPod, then the phone. Now I have multiple macs in the house as well as an apple tv.

  • K3

    Do you miss PC at all? Been reminiscing lately here and originaly had a tower that consisted of that god awful off white plastic housing.

    Contemplating a switch back over with that Asus G20.I know it’s intent is for gamers but it has that look. ????

  • matt

    There’s a chipotle that JUST openrd up at Bellis fair and I know there’s one in downtown Vancouver, one opening in metrotown and several other locations across Canada now 🙂

    Gary, let’s hit up some chipotle sometime and go on an apple shopping spree that day too

  • WHAT! Bellis Fair has a location now? Awesome. The problem is Chipotle tastes better in the USA. Tried it in Toronto a a few years back and it just didn’t do it for me.

    Since moving back to the island I miss NEXUS lane runs to the US for goodies #boo

    I am down fo sho

  • Got my first iPhone that fall, as well. Had a friend who knew “a guy” who bought a bunch and smuggled them up north. I have always had an iPhone since then. 🙂

  • matt

    The chipotle in the states has much bigger servings for a cheaper price

    And NEXUS FTW 🙂 I love my nexus card haha