Apple Reportedly Will Be The Initial Lone Seller Of Dock Connector Adapters


According to an iLounge report, Apple will be the single seller for dock connector adapters after the New iPhone’s launch. A few sources have verified that Apple hasn’t notified any companies of their new dock connector, therefore Apple will sell them exclusively at the initial release.

These dock connector adapters will sell for $10 each or $29 for a pack of three. They will be used to keep old accessories, docks, and more compatible with the latest Apple products.

iLounge reports:

While leaks of the new connector have been numerous, Apple has remained mum on what developers are calling the “9-pin Connector,” even though sources claim that Apple has in recent months stopped approving third-party proposals for connector-equipped accessories. Some developers fear that Apple will corner the market for both the adapters and cables, much as it did with MagSafe connectors for MacBook laptops, using licensing agreements and threats of lawsuits to prevent less expensive third-party solutions from coming to market. One source notes that Apple will reap a windfall by limiting competition in this manner, generating revenues of $100 million for every 10 million Dock Connector Adapters it sells for $10. According to the source, Apple estimates that it will sell the first 10 million Adapters by the end of 2012. It remains unclear whether Apple will allow third-party developers to release competing alternatives before then, or afterwards.

This pretty much sums it up, Apple is about to earn some major bread from their accessory market. It’s a great idea for them, but on the user-side I am not a huge spender on accessories. I personally believe they should include the adapters with the iPhone considering it was their idea to remove the 30-pin connector in the first place.

What do you think?


  • FragilityG4

    At ten bucks (fifteen CND I’m sure) you really can’t complain …

  • RyanStOnge

    Cheap, yet it shouldn’t cost anything. You change the connector, supply an adapter with my iPhone.

  • FragilityG4

    True but nothing in life is free.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    not true

    sneezes are free

  • So are smiles at McDonald’s. It’s on their menu.

  • Christopher Jones

    Perhaps they may include it with the first generation iPhones with this new design. They did that with their MagSafe2’s. The MagSafe2 adapters are included in all new 27″ Monitors and 15″ Retina MacBook Pro’s.

  • Good one. Thanks for the laugh 😉

  • Yurasis Dragon

    Coming soon :

    eBay -> China -> $1 clones = Yay!

  • draz

    I hope that the adapter would enable full compatibility with older accessories, and not just audio only.
    Eg: My car’s head unit allows me to play videos (including display-out) from my iPhone to it and I hope I won’t lose that feature with the iPhone 5.

    Looks like I will be needing to purchase a 3 pack! lol

  • Exactly – I bet they’re splattered everywhere on eBay within a week – you might need to be quick to make a successfull purchase as Apple runs around getting auctions cancelled, but it’ll be the proverbial whack-a-mole situation really quickly.

    I buy the current generation dock connectors from a seller in batches of 50 for around $25. When they break, we don’t have to buy new ones for $20-$30 each, and they’re cheap enough to have them *everywhere* at that price – I have 6 in each vehicle, 6 in our RV, 6 at home, the wife has 2 at work, I have 2 in my work truck, etc etc etc etc.

  • DjDATZ

    Yea, and that’s how I’ve acquired so many damned cables around my house/cars/work!

  • Monoprice!

  • DjDATZ

    Say what?

  • For cheap cables. monoprice .com 🙂