Apple ‘Reserve a Battery’ Option Launches in Canada on Website, Support iOS App


Are you looking to replace your battery on your iPhone 6 or later via Apple’s discounted out-of-warranty $35 CAD replacement offer? If the answer is yes, you can now do so easily via or through the Apple Support iOS app, a Canadian exclusive.

On, just visit, navigate to ‘iPhone’, then ‘Battery, Power & Charging’, and click on ‘Battery replacement’.

From here, you’ll see an option for ‘Reserve a Battery’, which will have Apple contact you when a battery is available at your preferred Apple Store. This makes it really convenient so you’re not wasting time showing up at a store and no batteries are available.

All you need to do next is enter your serial number, IMEI or MEID to see if you’re eligible:

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If you’d like to reserve a battery from your iPhone or iPad, you first need to download the Apple Support iOS app.

Next, launch the app and tap the Get Support tab along the bottom, then choose your phone, tap ‘Battery, Power & Charging’, then ‘Battery Replacement’, then ‘Continue’ and finally ‘Reserve a battery’.

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These two methods should make it much easier to reserve a battery for your iPhone 6 or later, with no appointment necessary and no diagnostic required. If you have an iPhone 6 or later, paying $35 CAD for a new battery will breathe new life into your aging device.

Thanks kc!


  • LouisDC

    My iPhone 6s battery was replaced in December 2016 via the replacement program for unexpected shutdowns. Am I still eligible for a battery replacement with the new program?

  • Brew

    me too , would like to know too

  • Kevin D.

    My iPhone 6 battery was also replaced at the end of my Apple Care in October 2016 I believe, barely over 1 year and it feels as I need another replacement… That is not normal!!! Those replacement batteries are cheaper than the original one that came with the phone, which lasted me twice the time. I’d very much like to see if the iOS 11.3 says if I’m being throttled and need a replacement. 1 year for a battery is outrageous! Rebate or not, I should not have to pay for a battery every year! I smell another class action lawsuit for Apple’s cheap battery replacements…

  • MrXax

    The site is telling me that my iPhone SE isn’t a supported product. It came out post-iPhone 6, so I’m confused as to why that would be.

  • Atif

    when it was replaced first time did you feel any difference in performance ? did your phone got faster ? my iphone 6 is very slow and thinking of getting the battery replace.