Apple Retail Has Prepped for the White iPhone 4: Are You Buying One? [Video]


The coveted white iPhone 4 is being released tomorrow according to Apple (here’s why it was delayed). Our sources have confirmed Apple retail stores have already started prepping locations for tomorrow’s launch, and that locations could have up to 500 units ready to go.

Here’s a video of the Sherway Gardens Apple Store being prepped after hours (thanks to A.B. for sending this in!):

If you’re in the hunt for a white iPhone 4, you can find them at Future Shop, Best Buy, Bell, and Rogers/Fido will be offering them as well.

Poll: Are you buying a white iPhone 4?


  • Aprilw0418

    thanks for your video!

  • Anonymous

    Imaging a line up for this that be hilarious!

  • Viraeternus

    apple online store is down … prepping for white iphone 😀

  • I bet there will be line ups somewhere! 😉

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • cindylee

    I voted NO, but I would actually get one if I could afford it,,,would love to have an iPhone

  • The people I know of, who covet the white iPhone 4, are the people who run Apple related blogs.

  • Ex

    White iPhone 4 = fugly

  • Sparky

    :O I think it’s beautiful. I want one but I have the black one already.

  • Jim

    Need a too-little-to-late option

  • the black spaces for the proximity sensor right by the ear piece is a #fail. the white conversion kits did a better job than apple did.