Apple Revamping Notification System for iOS?


Update 1: The CEO of App Remix was contacted by Cult of Mac, and asked if his company was going to be acquired by Cupertino. His response was “No comment…”–the plot thickens!

The notification system of iOS is long overdue for an overhaul. The latest rumours from CultofMac indicate that Apple is working to improve its notifications by acquiring technology from a small company:

Apple is working on a new notification system for iOS and will be buying a small company to build its technology into the operating system, according to one of our sources.

Our source, who asked to remain anonymous, didn’t know the identity of the company, except it already has an iPhone app in the App Store.

One possibility is Boxcar. Already one of the perennial favourites amongst iOS users (including myself), Boxcar helps aggregate all of your email and social notifications into one. Boxcar notifications can also be viewed on the web as well.

Notifications on iOS haven’t changed much since the launch of the first iPhone. Users have taken matters into their own hands by using jailbroken apps such as Notified and LockInfo.

What do you think of the current iOS notification system? Time for change?

[Cult of Mac]


  • Dave

    Boxcar,Prowl and Howl come to mind.

    Boxcar – lots of features but unstable, unreliable

    Prowl – fewer features, very reliable

    Howl – not that popular

  • malone46844

    The notification system in iOS is brutal. So many issues … hopefully their solution is well thought out.

  • Anonymous

    Long overdue, but when will the end user see it? iOS5 Hopefully?

  • Anonymous

    More than enough time to see this by iOS 5 this summer.

  • kingofnull

    Simply adding more notifications is not the answer, Apple. The pop up notifications have to go.

    Notified Pro, Android, and webOS all have notification systems that are less intrusive, and easier to manage.

    Pretty please, Apple?

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