Apple Says iOS 9 Adoption Has Reached 79% of Devices


Apple has updated its App Store distribution page to note 79% of devices are now running iOS 9, based on App Store usage as of March 7, 2015. When iOS 9 was released back in mid-September, it took just over three weeks for 57% of devices to update.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 11.16.53 AM

Shortly after the release of iOS 9, Apple said the update was already installed on 50% of devices, which took only three days to accomplish, making it the fastest software release in the company’s history.

iOS 9 contains features to allow future updates to be installed automatically while you’re asleep, plus the ability to temporarily delete and reinstall apps to make space for updates.

Last week, Apple released the sixth beta for iOS 9.3, which contains features like Night Shift, Touch ID Notes, Wi-Fi Calling support for more carriers, and new CarPlay features.


  • Ali

    Is there somewhere I can find ios adoption rates specifically for Canada?

    Also, the date in your article says 2015, I presume you mean 2016.