Apple Says White iPhone 4 Coming This Spring


With Bloomberg reporting that the white iPhone 4 will be coming in a few weeks, the Wall Street Journal now also reports, with confirmation from Apple, that the mystical white device will be released this spring.

Apple said Thursday the white iPhone was would be released in the spring, reiterating a projection the company made in October. The company had previously indicated that manufacturing problems had delayed its release.

Apple did not comment on which carrier would receive the white iPhone 4 first, unlike the Bloomberg report which clearly stated AT&T and Verizon in the USA.

Ever since the iPhone 4 debut last year, the device has been plagued with problems. Since then, Apple has officially held back the device’s debut twice.

As some readers have speculated, the release of the white iPhone 4 this year could very well be the iPhone release for 2011, with the iPhone 5 scheduled for 2012.



  • Anonymous

    Yup iPhone 5 in 2012 is almost guaranteed now.

    A fall release doesn’t seem likely

  • Luca

    No its just weird and ruins the hole routine if the iphone 4 comes out again!! but just in white this spring and maybe a new update will seem messed up when the iphone 5 is so pose to come out it is possible though its just another may of making more money isn’t it. -.-

  • Auto Strada

    The white iP4 may have improvements over the black one and Apple is just staying REALLY (…as in talk and get fired) tight-lipped about it.

    The Verison one had a redesigned antenna and no one saw that coming. For all we know, Apple added things to “The Great White Hope” (lol) to:

    – bridge the AT&T and Verizon models into one
    – spur sales of the white one because it’s known that most people would rather have a black phone and they have too much stock
    – make this one different enough to the iP4 for 2011
    – give us a more consistent hardware evolution to minimize a huge gap between hardware and software technologies

    I’m no expert, but if I bought a black iP4 when it came out in 2010, then Apple released the white iP4 with the same specs as the black one ALMOST a year later (2011), by the time the iP5 came out the next year, technology would’ve made many leaps since the iP4’s specs were developed essentially rendering it a 2 generation old phone by 2012.

    …my $0.02


  • Anonymous

    Great with a new one launching in less than 2 months you be stupid not to buy this.And then buy another iPhone one month later.

  • Noob.

    The next iPhone won’t be out until mid-2012 champ. Shut up and go back to playing your Nintendo DS Lite.

  • Anonymous

    Hey go fuck yourself, dont ever tell me to shut up and play nintendo ds you fuckin noob retard!

  • Anonymous

    Well the current Black Verizon (CDMA) model supports GSM/UMTS bands but is disabled right now. So the White should enable that feature and be a one device for all.

    It would be interesting to see what 2012 holds for smartphones. This past year was just ‘yawn’ not many advancements was done. Dual-core cpu’s are about the only new thing. The other stuff like NFC and better graphics are just minor details.

  • Kirk Armstrong

    There is certainly going to be some type of upgrade to it. Why release the same thing that everybody and their mother already have? But at this point I don’t think most people care by now lol. We’ll see, apple always has something up their sleeves. I don’t want a new phone but an iOS update would be cool

  • MkDonald

    This changes nothing. Again.

  • Anonymous

    Once again who gives a f***? Too little too late. I’d bet everything on this being the reason Apple is delaying the release of the iPhone 5 (they gotta milk those Apple fanbois for all they’re worth)…..that and the tsunami that hit Japan has probably thrown a wrench into Apple getting their hands on Sony imaging sensors for the rumoured 8 megapixel cameras (Sendai? which is where that part is manufactured).

  • Brad g

    I agree shut up noob, apples got the iPhone 5 up there sleeve and it’s coming. You think they’re gonna delay it a year? They know that if they do android will gain even more market share, which is a move they can’t afford to make! Dont tell me to go read some articles, because apples obviously got the iPhone 5 on lockdown, unlike last year

  • Sparky

    For those of you that arrogantly exclaim that you do not care nor want to read more about the White iPhone 4:
    There certainly is a market for this phone. I wanted the white version but settled for the black. It’s highly unlikely that I would buy this one as I want an iPhone 5 this summer. However, a vast amount of people are not “in the know”, like we are (tech savvy), and would buy this. People that cannot afford an iPhone 5, should one be released soon, would love this phone as it would be discounted. Also, those that just want an iPhone and don’t care for the latest would buy it (white is still sexy, same as black). If no iPhone 5 is released this year, I would consider the white one simply to be different from everyone else and because my iPhone 4 is slow now.

    Please be considerate and think first. I love hearing any and all news about Apple because I like their products (and I only own the iPhone products).

  • JfromK

    “the white iPhone was would be released in the spring,”

    You would think the Wall Street Journal would have some grammar police on staff.