Apple Should Add These Nifty Features To Spotlight in iOS [VIDEO]


Within iOS, Spotlight search is a feature I rarely ever use. It’s a great feature to search your entire iOS device for a specific keyword, but it mixes up emails, contacts, text messages, etc. I’m an organized person and I enjoy splitting work up into categories and unfortunately Spotlight works in the opposite way.

Since the release of Spotlight on iOS 3.0 devices, has Apple even touched the feature? I know they’ve added the ability to search for text messages in iOS 4, but that’s it. So Apple, the time to update Spotlight is here. If you aren’t able to reckon any new ideas, take a look at what Cody’s Spotlight concept video beholds:

Now that is how Spotlight for iOS is meant to be. It separates text messages, emails, notes, reminders, tweets, etc into separate select-able categories. Furthermore I love the ability to access third party applications and search the app without even opening it.

If Spotlight had features like this, would you use it more? We can only hope iOS 7 includes these features.

[via Cult Of Mac]


  • That would be cool but I think they were going for universal search across the complete device I do like the drop down idea.

  • RyanStOnge

    Yeah me too. Maybe if they added a universal option along with sub-categories? That would be nice.

  • YhatGuy

    It doesn’t exactly scream apple. And giving developers ability to add iOS functionality might put the stability of the system in jeopardy if I wanted a potentially unstable platform I would use android 😛

    But it’s a good thought. Maybe we’ll see it in iOS 9

  • present

    Some features are already included in iOS 5

  • I’d use it less. I like the search-everything aspect of Spotlight because it makes it fast, which is the point. If I had to select categories I’d just use the app instead.

    Slick video though. Very nicely done!

  • Hey man, the filtering functionality is just an added bonus. So, it’s the same spotlight, just with the option to refine your results. Initial results stay the same.

    This was made with the intentions of letting you search in any application, without having to open it. Sounds silly in theory, but works better when actually in use. Sometimes, you open an app JUST to search for something; this will save you time in that regard.

    If you are searching in an application, and have something else in mind (such as, searching for a friend on Facebook and then posting on their timeline), you could essentially find them in Spotlight, and open right up to their timeline. Saves a second or two, but gives the effect of saving much more time.

  • That’s the first set of results that come up, a universal Spotlight, just like the one iOS has now.