Apple Decides to Skip Black Friday Sales for Canada and Beyond


The past few years Apple has included Black Friday sales for Canada, such as last year which saw various store gift card promos with purchases. For 2014 however, that has changed as Apple has decided to only run their gift card promo in the U.S. only:

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That means Canada, along with other major international markets such as the U.K., France and Australia missed out this year. While some suspected Apple was holding out till the last minute to announce Black Friday sales in non-U.S. locations, nothing materialized.

The Apple Canada website only shows its (RED) campaign for 2014 World AIDS Day, with no mention of any Black Friday discounts. Since Canada is excluded with everybody else, we don’t have to feel that bad (no crying in the fetal position today, okay?).

You can find a round up of Black Friday sales on iPhone, iPad and Mac from our earlier post here. What are you buying today?


  • hrdmapl

    Not impressed…at all. Perhaps we should skip buying Apple products as gifts for Christmas and for personal use. There are other brands…and the US is not the centre of the world. Disappointed in their decision.

  • Yeah it’s tough when we had these promos in years’ past.

  • SV650

    I seem to recall the US does not see Boxing Day sales, and no one outside Asia sees the Gift Bag specials. Different specials for different folks!

  • BrodieTheDog

    F@&$ You very much Apple. You guys really have gone down hill with your customer service. Have you forgotten that your customer service used to set a standard and it is a big part of who you are today?

  • TrueNorth

    Seems to be the way Tim Cook rolls….everything for the US. From the gradual creeping up of prices in other countries (when US prices drop), to not including other countries in sales. Let’s just see if Apple has boxing dale sales. I bet they don’t. And here is a news flash for all you who say we “different specials for different folks”…funny the Black Friday sales phenom has spread all over the world…I guess Apple didn’t get the memo!

  • K3

    Just a guess but if there would be any on line deals offered wouldn’t it be more fitting kept for cyber mondays now?

    Also who was it at Futureshop that thought 6AM is a good time to open stores on Black Friday here? 6:30AM crickets were looking for little mini down jackets.

  • Archie SJ

    Apple does not really do Boxing Day Promotions either, due to them having Black Friday offers (I can’t really call them sales, because they really aren’t). Here’s hoping that they do have Boxing Day sales this year.

  • K3

    I know this is completely off topic but
    with traveling this time of year would anyone know for air travel to the US with something like a mac mini and maybe an external drive would it be difficult?

    ???????????? ???????? ????

    ..maybe someone here might have travelled with a desktop recently..

  • K3

    They don’t offer that service for trade in on old hardware now either.


    ” I’ll just lie here and depreciate “

  • Batta

    Makes sense with cook running the show.

  • Tim

    I like that they don’t offer deals up here and I wish they wouldn’t in the US either on black Friday. It’s a gross day that brings out the worst in people. I’d say it’s also good management of the brand. I don’t think they really want a bunch of videos of customers fighting over the last macbook in stock (or something similar)