Apple Special Event September 1 Video Now Online

If you woke up late today, you probably missed Apple’s live stream of their Special Event. That’s okay, because the Special Event video is now online. If you don’t have time to watch the hour long video, be sure to read our Apple Special Event Summary.

It was a totally different experience watching today’s Special Event live. It worked quite well on my iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Click here to watch the event or the image below!

If the link above doesn’t work, try this one:

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  • Ray

    I’m pretty upset Gary, and I hope you can voice this out. Apple is censored Lady Gaga’s Prop 8 tweets in the new iTunes Ping ad. Whether it’s just for the ad or not, this isn’t fair. And I question why Gaga went on with this, because she is practically, a gay icon. How is Ping going to work if they decide to censor artist’s voices and opinions. I understand that it’s a controversial topic, and Apple doesn’t want to get political, but it’s unfair, and it’s censorship. I guess that’s what they want to be known for.

  • Ray

    woops – Apple has censored**

  • We’ll see how this plays out. Never noticed this.