Apple Stock Price Seeks to Break $500 Per Share and Half Trillion Valuation


With today’s report from AllThingsD about the iPad 3 being announced in the first week of March, it has pushed Apple’s stock during intraday trading to an all-time high of $496.75US per share. Apple’s market cap is now at 459.82 billion, and is close to breaking a half trillion dollar valuation. Apple alone is now worth more than both Microsoft and Google combined.

Last September Apple blew by Exxon Mobile to become the world’s largest company in stock valuation, and the lead now sits at $58 billion dollars.

Since the death of Steve Jobs, the company has grown by more than $90 billion, with the most recent 2011 fourth quarter generating records in both revenue and profit. Apple has $81.6 billion in cash on hand as of the latest quarter, and with recent rumours of an iTV set to launch soon, there’s no end in sight to the growth of the company.

Any stockholders out there? Share the price you bought AAPL at!


  • Barrettneil

    Now, if they would reduce the price of their product, they could sell more to people who currently can’t justify the expense. This would increase sales even more!!

  • xxJDxx

    That or start paying their manufacturing employees a fairer wage…

  • Kraken

    That would be stupid, especially when they don’t need to when they always sell out..   Prices are affordable as-is.

  • iVictoria

    I think you’ve understated the cash on hand.  It more like 96 billion I believe.  Rounded up to 100 billion in some media reports!

  • Digik9

    Bought a PowerBook in 2005. Figured at the same time I should buy into the company. Bought 50 shares at $60 per share. It split so now I have 100 shares with a purchase price of $30 per share. I wish I’d bought more.

  • Mr. Speedy

    $47,000 ROI isn’t bad at all!  😉

    I bought only 10 at $399.

  • Very nice! #winning

  • Billm

    It’s like this, some people buy chevys and VWs, while others buy Mercedes and BMWs.  There is a reason for this.  (Not putting down autos or people for that matter)
    But there is a big difference in quality of both autos and computers.