Apple Store 2.0 Goes Live in Australia, iPads Replace Paper Signage


The Internets were buzzing with rumours of an imminent Apple Store 2.0 upgrade, and it appears it has come true as pictures in Australia have revealed.

iPads have now replaced paper signage, to bring an interactive experience for customers as mentioned by Mac Prices Australia. The placement of iPads beside Macs also allow a ‘call button’ to get the attention of Apple Specialists to help you. Pretty cool.

Here are a few pics posted by @leoleakey and @stevemaxis:




Tomorrow should be a big day for Apple Stores in both Canada and the USA as well. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you see something send us an email!

[via Macstories, MPA]


  • Anonymous

    Why not have computers running the genius bar as well.

  • Jcan

    What an obnoxious and arrogant waste of energy.

  • Ifiwereking

    Is paper and the energy it requires better?Limited resource as well. I’m not sure….

  • Auto Strada

    i thought so too at first…

    then i found out, ALL signage changes happen from cupertino. apple stores don’t have a printer for their signage. so once a change in signage happens (be it price, description, item…etc), cupertino has to send the updated signs to ALL apple stores via courier.

    THAT is a bigger waste of energy.