Apple Store Christmas Display Shows Santa Using FaceTime


Tonight while out at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver, I noticed the Apple Store had a very interesting Christmas display. Similar to yesterday’s new iPhone 4 FaceTime commercial, it once again is Santa using FaceTime with children, families, Ms. Clause, and elves. There’s a large iPhone playing a loop of endless magical FaceTime moments.

Here are a couple pictures I snapped up:

If only FaceTime was around when I was younger so I could chat with Santa. Today’s generation of kids sure are lucky!


  • Anonymous

    Saw this in WEM this afternoon – also speaking with elves. Pretty smart marketing!

  • I wonder if Santa’s iPhone 4 is jailbroken or not!

  • Anonymous

    Saw this last week at Eaton Centre Toronto…. Good job Apple nice display window!

  • sweeeet

  • ReyT

    Santa with jailbroken iPhone? That would be a naughty Santa! 😉

  • Mark

    Ya saw the same display setup in the Yorkdale Mall display last weekend.

  • Kimmie5678

    How can you face time Santa