Apple Store Coming to Coquitlam Centre According to Job Posting


Apple appears to be continuing its expansion of retail stores in Canada and in particular the Lower Mainland. Coquitlam looks like the next location for the Lower Mainland’s 5th Apple Store, according to job postings on Apple’s website. The screenshot below shows ‘Coquitlam – BC’ under ‘Stores accepting applications’:

Coquitlam Centre is the most likely location for this future Apple Store, as it’s the only major mall in the area. There are retail brands you’d find here just like other malls that house Apple Stores. These include H&M, Sephora, Forever 21, etc.

The other rumoured location for an upcoming Apple Store is for downtown Vancouver. As for stores opening in Eastern Canada, Halifax is set to receive an Apple Store, along with Masonville Place in London as well. This job posting just went up this week, and we’ll keep this post updated if we get more information.

Thanks Ex for the email!


  • Anonymous

    Need another store in Montreal!

  • And still nothing on Vancouver Island!!

  • Ruhndmc

    I completely agree with you Mike! Grrr indeed!

  • Anonymous

    As someone living in Victoria… I agree. 🙁 As someone who goes back to Coquitlam a lot to visit people… this location makes me happy.

  • Ex

    This is going to be a very lucrative location for Apple. A+

  • I’ve been hoping for this for a long time actually. Coquitlam Centre is a really good mall and I’ve felt that Apple has been missing out a bit by not having their presence here in the tri cities. It’s been a little better with the Metrotown location opening.

    Quite a few shops have recently closed at Coquitlam Centre, all within the same area. Now it makes me wonder if it’s because Apple is coming in. I can’t see it being Lougheed Mall, and that’s technically Burnaby anyways. My guess is that they’ll be moving into where Tristan/Buffalo Jeans was.

  • JuanD

    I’ve seen the spot they’ve picked. You can peek through the door and see inside.. It’s HUUUUUGE.

  • I peeked also! the genius bar lights were on 😀
    it’s gonna be so good!

  • Soon my friend… soon…