Apple Store iOS App “Easy Pay” Is Ready For Launch


We gave you details about Apple’s new retailing features such as in-store pickups for online orders as well as enhancements to the official Apple Store iOS application that will incorporate a feature dubbed as “EasyPay”. There have been reports claiming that the new retail system will go live some time today in the US, which seem to be true as 9to5Mac has just posted a snapshot of Speck iPhone Case with a blue tag on top that says:

Use the Apple Store App on your iPhone to pay for these products on your own.

According to the source:

We’re hearing that there were some last minute delays but Apple Stores will soon be rolling out a lot more signs like the one above. Customers will soon be able to pay for accessories at the Apple Store with their iOS device via camera and Apple Store App.

We’ll give you more details about how “Easy Pay” works once Apple issues an official statement. Stay tuned!


  • Kaden-11

    pretty soon, apple won’t even need there employees at the store is this keeps us just they will all pay by themselves and have it send onto the floor by the people in that back thats it, 

  • Kaden-11

    ** Apple won’t need employees anymore if this keeps up. We will only need workers in the back sending out MacBooks, iPhones and iPad and iPods the won’t be used to help or anything just you can pay by yourself and all.

  • Cjlee9

    Hopefully this will be available for us Canadians…

  • TJ

    Is the app available in the Canadian store? I’ve tried looking for it with no success. If we can’t get it, why is this an iphoneinCanada story?

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