Apple Store iOS App Freebie: iMaschine by Native Instruments


The Apple Store iOS app has a new freebie available for download. iMaschine (normally $4.99) is currently available as a free download via promo code.


In order to redeem the free download, launch the Apple Store iOS app, tap on the ‘Stores’ tab, then tap iMaschine. Once you tap ‘Download now for free’, you will be given a promo code which can be used to download the app for free from the App Store.

iMaschine puts professional grade music production in the palm of your hands. The app allows you to create a beat on 16 pads, add a melody using a keyboard, add your own vocal recordings, or even take a sample directly from iTunes. The app was showcased in Apple’s recent ‘Your Verse’ ad featuring Yaoband.


iMaschine for iOS is normally $4.99 from the App Store and is compatible with any device running iOS 6 or later. The app contains in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $2.99.

(NOTE: The app is not free straight from the App Store, the code from the Apple Store iOS app is needed)


  • Rickyscv

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Léon

    The free app is not available on iPad version of the Apple Store app?

  • Yeah I couldn’t find it there either. You’ll need to hit up an iPhone or iPod touch version of the app.

  • Léon

    That’s bizarre since the newly updated iOS Apple Store app is an universal binary, so it’s basically the same software running both on iPhone and iPad with minor differences related to a screen size etc. Why would they intentionally cripple the app’s functionality while it is running on an iPad?

  • You’re preaching to the choir, unless it’s placed somewhere in the iPad app we can’t see.

  • Léon

    I doubt it, we can’t be both that blind 🙂

  • Haha…well, I haven’t thoroughly searched through the app, but it wasn’t in the spot it should be on the iPad, where it currently resides on the iPhone app 🙂