Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of Today’s iPhone Event


Apple keynote day is officially here. As is tradition, the company has taken its online store offline and is now displaying the message “We’ll be back.” The store won’t come back online until after its keynote is wrapped later this afternoon.

Apple teases its new products with the message “We’re busy updating the Apple Store for you,” and encourages users to come back later to see everything that’s new. It isn’t possible to buy anything from Apple’s website at the moment, and this will likely be the case for several more hours as the company updates it.

Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones – iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus – but no one knows for sure.The former two are upgrades over the existing iPhone 7 and will likely bring new features such as wireless charging and a new glass design. Meanwhile, the iPhone X is expected to be a radical upgrade with changes such as an OLED display, facial recognition, new camera features, and much more.

Additionally, Apple is expected to announce an all-new Apple Watch with support for cellular connectivity in the form of LTE. There’s also a new Apple TV on the docket with 4K HDR support and perhaps a new Siri Remote.

One important thing to note is that the Apple Online Store going down ahead of Apple’s keynote doesn’t mean the products will be available to purchase today, but rather will simply be promoted and advertised.

Stay tuned to IIC all day as we bring you live coverage of Apple’s special event.


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