Apple Stores in Canada Get More Jet Black iPhone 7 Stock


If you’re looking to get a Jet Black iPhone 7, now is the time to hit up the Reserve and Pick Up system, as more Apple Stores in Canada have received stock, according to

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As you can see, the stores in ‘green’ are showing Jet Black iPhone 7 as available (looks like the Eastern Canada love right now only). Jet Black is only available in 128GB or 256GB. We’re seeing stock available at the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store and Masonville, for example.

If you want to do Reserve & Pick Up, hit up the Apple Store iOS app or click this link to make your reservation.

If you made a ‘reservation’ with Rogers, TELUS or Bell, and you’re still waiting, use Apple’s Reserve & Pick Up system to get your contract iPhone 7 setup at an Apple Store (if you have one nearby!).

Thanks everyone


  • Jake

    I bought a jet black model but returned it after 3 days as the back was completely scratched up from just putting it on my night stand and computer desk. You definitely need a case for this if you want to keep it looking good (which defeats the purpose of getting that finish in the first place. I’m sad it scratches so badly… it looks so slick and feels good in the hand.

  • Michel Plante

    That’s why I always put a case on my iPhone ????????????

  • trdb

    256gb Jet Black and Black iPhone 7 Plus across most stores in the east this morning as of 8:03AM for reservation..

  • mike

    I’m waiting for iPhone 7+ Jet Black 128GB. When I tried to put in a reserve, it says out of stock.