Apple Store Now Stocks Thunderbolt To Firewire Adapters


Apple’s long awaited Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter is now available for purchase on Apple’s online store for $29.00. If you decide to make a purchase, the product currently has a one-to-three day shipment estimate.

This product was first announced at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference  around the middle of June alongside the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. While the Gigabit Ethernet Adapter launched right away, the Firewire adapter is now just launching.

To those who used Firewire, the waiting period Apple went through was horrid. The new Macbooks launched lacking many ports past models had featured. So in a nutshell, Firewire users had to resort to older laptops to complete work.

Click here to check out the Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter on the Apple Store. If you receive an error page, check back later. The error relates to a caching problem.

The price point sounds quite expensive to me, but of course this is Apple we’re talking about. Let me know in the comments if you will be purchasing one.


  • LairBear

    The link doesn’t work. It says the page can’t be found. I even tried searching the Apple site for it and it isn’t found. Perhaps its only available in the US at the moment. I’d love to get one.

  • Yes, this may be a problem throughout today for all Apple Stores in all countries. I’ve seen the page up a few times today and it also went down a few times. It’s either a caching problem or Apple is taking down the page constantly.

    “If you receive an error page, check back later. The error relates to a caching problem.”