[Update] Apple Store Opening in Downtown Vancouver on Robson and Burrard in 2012?


Update 1: According to BiV:

A source close to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) has told Business in Vancouver that the computer company is slated to take space on Robson Street halfway between Burrard and Thurlow streets.

The location would be slightly west of the future Forever 21 location, which is under construction and named Robson Galleria.

It appears Apple has plans to open another Apple Store in downtown Vancouver for 2012. This new prominent location will be at Robson and Burrard, the former home of HMV and the Virgin Megastore (RIP CDs) and current home of CTV, notes ifoAppleStore. We’ve heard some whispers of Apple contemplating this location before from you guys.

Apple is set to occupy the lower level (23,000 sq ft), ground floor, and second level (16,000 sq ft), for a rough total of 39,000 square feet. The location will be the first street level Apple Store in Vancouver. Other locations are located within malls, such as nearby Pacific Centre (home of the city’s first Apple Store since 2008), only 500 metres away. This very well could be the closest proximity of two Apple Stores in the world.

ifoAppleStore notes the rumoured floor plans at the existing HMV location:

The current structure is a designated heritage building, and Apple is known to build stores within iconic sites with lots of history. The latest store set to open inside Grand Central Terminal in New York City comes to mind.

If an Apple Store does open at Robson and Burrard, it could very well emerge into one of the busiest stores around. The foot traffic from Robson Street, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s shopping district would be a prime location for Apple.


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the HMV still open at least til the end of the year?

    My guess was going to be a Forever 21. Please take the space Apple, I hate the sight of F21. =P

  • Matt_aksu

    Out of Curiosity has anyone (including the author of this article) heard anything remotely concrete that Apple is considering this space? 

  • Someone had sent me a tweet about it a while back, but I didn’t take it seriously. ifoAppleStore has a pretty good track record for keeping on top of all retail happenings.

  • That certainly would be one hell of a location.  I wonder if there would be any need to have the Pacific Center location if Apple chose the new location.

  • victor

    forever 21 is actually opening a couple streets down already if I’m not mistaken! 

  • Kraken

    I’m sure they would close down the other location.  Robson & Burrard is ideal.  It doesn’t make sense to have two locations almost next to each other.

  • Guest

    HMV is going to be there until early in the new year.  I’d bet the new Apple Store wouldn’t open until late Spring.  Apple will want it open by Summer to take advantage off all the foot traffic around there.

    F21 is opening down the street on Robson (between Burrard and Thurlow, I believe).

  • Anonymous

    Oh I hadn’t been downtown lately. My bad!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that’s what I thought about HMV. At least I can do one last Boxing Day scavenger hunt before it closes.

    And yeah, I hadn’t been downtown in a while so I didn’t realize F21 had a location. Can’t wait to see Apple there.

  • Betty Koyle

    London Ontario??? please

  • Victor

    not at all, pretty exciting stuff though! downtown has changed quite a bit if you haven’t been there for awhile