Apple Store to Open at Masonville Place Mall in London, Ontario?


According to a report from ifoAppleStore, Apple could have its eyes on a new store inside Masonville Place Mall in London, Ontario. Noting real estate sources, the prospective location for the store could be in the upper level where Eddie Bauer currently resides. The clothing store is set to depart this week due to bankruptcy, leaving its 6,176 square footage available to a possible Apple Store:

As confirmation, city records indicate that planning officials are reviewing a $3 million construction project for the mall that includes an Apple logo.

The mall’s Wikipedia entry already notes rumours of a possible Apple Store opening. Estimations for a possible opening could come in Fall of 2012.

Earlier this year, Apple opened a location 124KM away at Conestoga Mall, deep within RIM’s backyard of Waterloo. Other new stores included locations in at Mapleview Centre in Burlington, and Metrotown in Burnaby. Other rumours also note a possible store opening on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.

Who wants an Apple Store in London?


  • JSB

    Where was this a year ago when I lived in London? I basically grew up In that mall.

    It will be nice having one closer now.

  • Mils61

    Finally!!!!  That’s great news.

  • Finally!!! London needs an apple store. Our two official mac retailers are weak.

  • Loupetron

    Woohoo! Tat’s awesome…. Sad for the resellers… But I can’t wait. It’s only a 45 minute drive from my place instead of 1:45 for the closest.

  • 5 mins from my house – terrible mall, all London malls are horrible – especially after living in Toronto. I drive to Michigan instead for shopping (40 mins). Hopefully they change the whole mall and Apple is catalyst. It’s the best mall in London (and for those who know Toronto) and it compares to Woodbine Centre!

  • Eric Lewis

    Masonville isn’t bad at all… you have a future Forever 21, Aritiza, Lululemon – those are all Toronto stores… 

  • Aritzia and Lululemon actually originated in Vancouver, where their head offices currently reside.

  • Pundit

    Big deal, Masonville is shit

  • Don’t be mean!

  • Mathgeeks101

    I want one!!!!! I heard this runour from an inside source

  • Eric Lewis

    as in stores that are located mostly in Toronto, and now in London… (I know they are vancouver stores)

    Masonville isn’t that bad for a suburban mall for a city of 352,000

  • Ah, gotcha. 😉

  • JfromK

    Kingston needs an apple store. We’d be happy with an apple kiosk. 2 hour drives for genius bar appointments sucks.

  • Nikkizze

    Lmao the woodbine center is really weak why would u move to london haha soft