Apple Store in Victoria Again Rumoured as Part of Mayfair Mall Expansion


Is Vancouver Island finally ready for its first Apple Store in the province’s capital? Back in October, sources told CHEK news an Apple Store was set to debut within Mayfair Mall, which is currently undergoing a massive $72 million expansion.

Now, multiple sources have told Citified the same thing, noting an Apple Store is ready to land within Mayfair Mall in Victoria, which would be the 30th retail location in Canada for the iPhone maker. With the city’s growing population and influx of Vancouver transplants, the market is now ripe for an official Apple retail location.

According to Citified, “now industry insiders are giving the nod to the store’s arrival amid Apple’s legendary new product and retail location secrecy.”

The publication says other possible tenants could include an Amazon Go store (checkout-free), which recently opened in Seattle, along with the latter’s Amazon Fresh delivery service, among other tenants, such as a Victoria’s Secret lingerie location too.

Other stores rumoured in the past include Chapter and clothing retailer H&M at Mayfair, which will is owned by Ivanhoe Cambridge. Other malls run by Ivanhoe Cambridge across Canada already have Apple Stores, so the business relationship is there. An Apple Store would be a major draw for Mayfair, over other local malls Hillside and Uptown.

Total square footage of Mayfair Mall is set to hit 554,000 when construction completes later in 2018.

What do you think? Are we finally ready for an Apple Store in Victoria?


  • cayaguy

    Considering cities like ‘richmond’ and ‘burnaby’ have such large Asian population concentration who are the customer base and drive sales for Apple stores located there, yet only half the population of Victoria I doubt it will happen. Victoria’s Asian population isn’t there…… yet.

  • Bill___A

    I expect an Apple store would do well in Victoria. There are a lot of advantages an Apple store gives you that a dealer does not.

  • sukisszoze

    Look forward to one to give the local dealers some competition..may be we can get an Ikea to the vacant Sears location at Hillside mall..ha.ha.

  • Olley

    Suggesting Apple opens retail stores based on certain ethnicity is simply untrue.

  • Indo

    And Surrey also.
    Don’t forget Surrey

  • Larry

    Wish they would open one in Park Royal on the North Shore.

  • cayaguy

    To think that Apple doesn’t put stores where they have a large consumer base would be naive. Why does richmond need one when oakridge is 15min away???

    BECAUSE ASIANS LOVE APPLE… look at Asian countries like China and Hong Kong, Japan.

    If your logic was the case then Victoria would of had an Apple store years ago!

  • Olley

    So why would Apple bother to have stores in Winnipeg or Halifax? Why Arkansas, Oklahoma or Kansas?

    A large customer base? Yes. Asians? Nope.