Apple Stores in Canada Offering AWS iPhone 5 Warranty Replacements


Last month with the debut of the AWS compatible iPhone 5 by T-Mobile down in the USA, some Canadians managed to bring back those units and use them on AWS networks in Canada such as Mobilicity and WIND Mobile.

Many have anticipated these AWS units making their way into Apple retail stores in Canada in the form of warranty replacements and now it appears that is the case.

How to find out if your iPhone 5 is an AWS model capable of running the 1700MHz/2100MHz bands? According to Apple’s support document:

Tap Settings > General > About and check if your serial number ends with any of these four-digit combinations:

FH1H reader @ellardchua replaced an iPhone 5 under his AppleCare warranty at the Pacific Centre Apple Store and his replacement turned out to be an AWS unit, as you can see below his serial number ends in the qualifying “FH1F”:

Photo 3

Ellard was able to perform a test on Mobilicity’s AWS 3G network and below are his results:


Some users over at Howard Forums have also recently claimed AWS iPhone 5 warranty swaps have occurred since the end of April. If you have recently swapped an iPhone 5 related to warranty issues, check your serial number and let us know if you received an AWS replacement.


  • Leo

    I had my iPhone 5 exchange under warranty at the Pacific Centre Apple Store in Vancouver earlier this week. Based-on the above article I do have a matching serial-ending match for an AWS compatible phone!

  • A

    Guys, there will never be any TMO service spares in Canada, as the only devices sold and serviced in Canada come from the ATT line from what I see. Any ATT phone made after April 12th supports AWS however, mine got wet and I asked for a replacement and all the spares they had were old ATT product manufacturered in March.

  • Got mine replaced last week and i got a FH1D so it should work!

  • VancouverBlade

    Had mine swapped at Oakridge this week and I now have an AWS model.

  • Read comments left by others here, there are definitely AWS replacements now.

  • ryanrobert

    I had mine swapped April 13th at the Apple Store in London Ontario. I have one of the AWS models. My serial number ends in FH1C.

  • Guest

    If the back of the phone says ModelA1428, it is AWS compatible also.

  • Matt

    Got FH19 serial # today on a warranty replacement at Mapleview Apple store in Burlington today.

  • marle

    I got a replacement phone on Saturday in Newmarket. My serial number ends in FH1D

  • Keremmtl

    I got a replacement today in Montreal, serial ends with FH19

  • mikado63

    Your iPhone was an unlocked one or contract/carrier locked ?

  • AC

    I’m disappointed. Today I went to the Apple store in Burlington ON and swapped my 64GB White ip5 that I purchased unlocked from Apple Canada at launch. The replacement I got is also unlocked and it says A1428 on the back. However, the serial number ends with F38Y so I guess I do not have AWS. It would be nice if I had the AWS since I travel a lot. What do I do now?

  • Keremmtl

    It was originally locked but a couple of weeks ago I got it unlocked by Fido

  • mikado63

    Ho, bad news, maybe it’s too early and they still have old replacements units

  • Gordon

    Got my phone swapped today and ended in FH1G. Guess i got an AWS version now

  • Guest

    Just went to Pacific Centre to get a replacement and they were out of stock. Instead of waiting a few days I went to Metrotown to get the replacement and the end serial number matches the ones listed!

  • Jay

    Has anyone got there’s swapped in Edmonton for one yet? I’m thinking about giving it a try soon!

  • casp

    I want to know as well

  • Jason

    I got mine swapped today at SouthGate mall, I got the AWS model. 32gb

  • Guest

    Just got mine swapped at eaton centre.. Apple store 32 gig locked to Rogers. It ends with FH1D

  • bspence88

    I just got a warranty replacement for my 64GB iPhone 5 at the Oakridge Centre Apple Store and my serial number ends in FH1G. Very excited to have an AWS compatible phone. I will be in the US and I’ll see if my Roam Mobility data is faster than usual. I usually only get Edge internet and rarely 3G when I’m in the US with my iPhone 5.

    I’m also moving to Arizona in July so I think I’m going to go with T-Mobile now that I have an AWS compatible phone. I’ll keep you posted Gary.

  • Moving to AZ? Lucky! Enjoy the sun. I tested Roam Mobility’s 4G hot spot in Phoenix last year and speeds were pretty good. Definitely keep us updated on how your iPhone replacement works on AWS.

  • bspence88

    Yeah, I bought 5 ZAGG locations since Ghost Armor took my spot in Oakridge and most other malls in BC. I was excited to go with T-Mobile but unfortunately they don’t add calling plans to Canadian mobile numbers (just landlines) so I might have to go with another company.

  • Congrats on that, big news. Yeah having LD to call Canadian numbers would be big, what about apps that use data to call home for free like Fongo?

  • bspence88

    That seems like an option, but I just like how easy it is to dial from the native phone app. After some research it seems like it might be ideal to stick with Roam Mobility. For $89.95 a month I get unlimited calling North America-wide, voicemail, caller ID, unlimited North American texts and unlimited data (3GB of full speed). There isn’t a provider in the US that can offer that.

  • AiCMark

    Wow, Mobilicity network speeds leave a lot to be desired.

  • Flaxx

    Sweet! My iPhone 5 and my wife’s iPhone 5 needed to be replaced and they gave us AWS models. 🙂

  • Nice 🙂

  • mikado63

    In Montreal, Sainte-Catherine Apple Store, I got an iPhone 5 replacement under Apple Care+ and it is an AWS 64gb black model (serial number ending with FH1G).

  • dallashinton

    I just swapped mine under warranty (June 20) and it’s number ends in FH1D, so it’s AWS!

  • Nice! Seems like most replacements are AWS models now.

  • Ozzy

    Does it have to be a specific carrier? Because I’m definitely planning to do this very soon as Im going to purchase a second hand iPhone 5. Let me know, cheers!

  • No, all iPhone 5 units seem to be AWS models now.

  • Ozzy

    So just to clarify the topic. If I get an iPhone 5 on any carrier, go and replace it under the warranty program, then receive a AWS model, I can put in a Wind or Mobilicity sim card and it’ll work? Thanks Gary.

  • You will have to unlock the iPhone first, before you can get it to work on WIND or Mobilicity.

  • Akky

    I want to buy iPhone5 with the above mentioned serial number. please contact me.

  • VJ

    Fairview apple store. Launch iPhone 5 (Bell) replaced under AppleCare. AWS!

  • bluecanada

    Eaton Centre swap under AppleCare+ yesterday. Got a 64 GB phone ending in FH1G

  • Emmanuel

    Hello, I have an iPhone 5 32GB that has the right serial number, it ends in FH1F. Unfortunately I got my mobilicity sim card cut today and when I placed it in the phone nothing happened. It said “no signal” after a while, CDN Roaming appeared as the carrier however I have zero signal bars, perhaps after 1 h I got some signal bars. When I go to Settings>Carrier, I only see three carriers: TELUS, Bell and CDN Roaming. Could you help me understand why I can’t see WIND, Mobilicity or Rogers? Thank you very much.

    I would like to see if Ellard (who successfully has his running on mobilicity) could help me with this.

  • Moises

    I have my swaped in June and I have a aws version woohoo

  • Moises

    I get the FH1F

  • Alan

    Hi, all you interested in trying to get aws iphone 5, I just did it two days ago and now I’m on wind here is what you need to do:
    First unlock your phone with the provider your with ( I was with Rogers and I called from *611) to unlock my phone for $57 ( it’s $50 but with tax comes to 57) once unlocked
    Next, go to your iTunes back up and factory reset your phone then if did it right it should say “congrats your iphone is unlocked”
    After, you can go to an apple store and use your apple care plus swap your phone and they should give you an unlock phone and the unlock phone should have aws bands
    Go to general->settings…and check the serial number and you should see the aws compatible number
    P.S if your phone isn’t broken and you just want to swap you have to pay $55 to swap for iphone 5 from your 2 year apple care
    Email me for more questions:

  • gabriel

    i have an iphone 5 with fido can i unlock it and swap it on any apple store in canada and get the aws iphone 5?

  • No. Only way you can get AWS is via a warranty exchange or a new iPhone 5 purchase.

  • Pat

    My Jan 2013 Rogers iPhone 5 is A1428 and has the correct frequency for AWS (1700/2100) but serial number ends in DTTP. I wonder if it’s good on Windmobile. This phone is paid off, is it unlocked automatically? I have no cell phone service on it now.

  • No, you need to call Rogers and pay $50 for them to unlock it for you.

  • Pat

    It’s unlocked. Can I still buy Apple care just to swap it to AWS model?

  • AppleCare can only be made within 90 days. If you run into an issue and need a swap, an AWS unit should be supplied.

  • guest

    i have apple care+ but my iphone is working fine, so how do i get aws via warranty exchange?

  • guest

    how did u swap under apple care+, i ask them to swap & they told me ur device is fine so we can’t swap the phone under apple care+

  • bluecanada

    If your phone is damaged through personal misadventure, you pay the deductible if you bring in the dead phone and still have AppleCare+.

    My phone fell into the bathtub, so it cost me $49 plus tax.

  • Angel

    someone stole my phone and i’m with videotron and you know their policy “you can only use a phone specifically from videotron, unlock phones won’t work” if using an unlocked iphone 5 thats AWS can i use it?

  • Al B

    I replaced my iPhone 5 under warranty at the Pacific Apple store in Vancouver but they refused to give me the AWS A1428 model