Apple Stores Confirm Unlocked iPhone 5s Sales in Canada on Sept. 20 at 8AM


As we first told you six days ago, Apple Stores in Canada will indeed be selling unlocked iPhone 5s units at launch day, this Friday, September 20 starting at 8AM. This is a change from last year’s retail launchΒ (which we also first told you about), where unlocked sales did not happen for the iPhone 5. Some of you have asked for further confirmation–well here it is.

According to the six Apple stores we contacted (Richmond Centre, Pacific Centre, Rideau, Metrotown, Oakridge, Eaton Centre), all confirmed iPhone 5s sales would start at 8AM local time this Friday, just as our source mentioned. So get your beach chair and prepare to start lining up Thursday night! Who’s lining up?


  • Shane

    Will be lining up at Yorkdale. Who’s in? πŸ™‚

  • Nafizur

    dude you wanna hold a spot for me? i cant come until 745

  • Shane

    Fairly certain I’ll get lynched by everyone else in line for holding a spot!

  • Tara

    ive heard all providers (ie bell, telus etc) wont be receiving the gold color regardless of capacity for launch. anyone confirm?

  • Nafizur

    not even, we’ll be like i was with your earlier and i had to go drop off someone to work or something.

  • cc

    Not me. Waiting for Iphone 6.

  • wooobwooob

    Not I… iPhone then it will be perfect to upgrade from my iPhone 4 πŸ˜€

  • Mac

    Waiting at the metrotown store! Where does the line up start?

  • reformcanada

    I’ll wait till January when they will likely add a 128gb option, like they did with the iPad this year.

  • al

    Anyone know what time I should start lining up around? Never went to a launch event before.

  • K4

    Who is lining up at the Waterloo Conestoga store? I’ll be there around 10:30pm, if you’re there, say hi πŸ™‚

  • Sidney

    Probably by the doors by the starbucks on the skytrain side

  • Wuju

    Anyone going to upper Canada mall? Wouldn’t mind a tag team.

  • James

    The Masonville (London) and Fairview (Toronto) stores still say theyre not sure if theyll be selling unlocked iphones.

    Anyone have thoughts on lining up at Masonville? First time getting in line for a phone launch, how early should i go?

  • wuju

    I’ll be there around 2:30 if anyone is interested. πŸ™‚

  • Balbo

    Called Apple Store in Quebec City this morning. They will have unlocked iPhone 5S tomorow morning!

  • DaveMcG

    15-20 mins after the first person arrived I can condone since you’d only be getting in front of a small group if anyone… 15 minutes before store opens is total BS.

  • Jacques Boivin

    Guess I’ll be in line tomorrow!

  • Mike

    Going to Southgate mall in Edmonton Friday morning…not sure what time though??? Thinking 5:00ish

  • Ali

    10.30pm? That’s a bit early! I lined up there at 3am for the iPhone 4 and I was the first in line =]

  • Ali

    Lining up at Market Mall in Calgary. Anyone wanna join? =]

  • K4

    oh really? Then I’m gonna beat you this time (if you’re buying the 5s ofc) πŸ˜‰

  • K4

    oh btw, where was the line at conestoga? Was it right outside of the entrance? Because I called the store and they said they mall doesn’t open until 7am

  • jake

    Anyone waiting at Pacific Centre? What time are you headed there?

  • Nafizur

    that’s a lot of storage. what do you plan on putting in the phone? 1080ps

  • Nafizur

    Alright fine, i understand. I’d get cheesed also if soemone came in front of me minutes prior to opening while i waited 4 hours in the cold. I reserved mine at tbooth. 9:15 walk in, no line up

  • Nafizur

    ah come on, make the switch already

  • Nafizur

    go line up around 5am

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    fido kiosks will not have 5s for launch tomorrow. take my word for what it is however i have called 6 in my area (niagara) and have been told that kiosks wont have them.

  • MeadorsMusings

    I’m in Edmonton too. That’s usually when most people start to arrive.

  • Ali

    Yes, it was right at the entrance. I think they opened the South entrance first. And we had to wait until 9 to get inside the mall.

    And I’m not in Waterloo anymore. I’m lining up in Calgary =]

  • K4

    Which entrance is the one beside Spring Rolls/Old Navy? Is that South???

  • Joan Palermo

    help me out please … what are advantages of an unlocked iphone? I travel 4 – 5 times/year to other places, mostly US. when I travel I usually have access to wifi, Can I change sim card to a local carrier when I.m away ?

  • Yes. Sounds like an unlocked iPhone is what you need. Pop in any carrier SIM such as T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.