Apple Stores in Canada: Limited iPhone 5s Stock; Online Orders 7-10 Days


Well we’ve been hearing the same story around the globe–iPhone 5s stock has been limited and now it appears to be a similar story in Canada. According to retail store sources, iPhone 5s stock remains limited. Two stores have told us the following information:

  • Southgate Centre in Edmonton (via our own @meadorsmusings currently in the line up): “No 16GB or 64GB gold iPhone 5s. Very limited 32GB gold; confirmed if you order online it’ll be 7-10 days delivery.”
  • East coast Apple Store: “Limited configurations of gold, space gray and silver iPhone 5s models”

The bottom line: iPhone 5s stock is limited and Apple hinted this online pre-orders were only made available to the iPhone 5c. Earlier today the start of Australia’s online orders similarly stated 7-10 days for delivery.

Under a week ago we reported Fido would only offer iPhone 5s to existing customers for upgrades and not new activations–now we know why. Other carrier sources are saying stock will be limited all around.

If you’re not already in line for the iPhone 5s, time to get running to the nearest Apple Store or Big 3 dealer if you want to increase your chances of getting the configuration you want. Check out this post to find others already in line to plan where you’re going to go.

Update: Square One Apple Store employees tell the line up there are no gold 16GB iPhone 5s configurations available:


  • ?suttonmontreal

    i called the manager of the local Rogers store in Chateauguay Quebec yesterday (thursday) and he told me that they won’t have any iPhone 5S on friday. only Monday morning, so i guess this is everywhere. the only one they will have is the 5C and only 5 whites and one each of the other colours

  • Thanks. Looks like stock will come but just not at launch.

  • Magrat22

    Rogers Northhill Mall in Calgary said they would not be getting ANY 5s’s for Friday. They will have the 5c though. Rogers Beacon Hill said they would have both models. I wonder if they are trying to stop the lineups by having such limited stock. Seems really counterintuitive as more are going to lineup in hope of getting the few that are in stock. Also just noticed the Rogers site now is showing that you can reserve a 5s. I just tried and it doesn’t come up in my selection. Don’t bother clicking on the ‘reserve now’ button it just takes you round in circles. If you are a customer log in and click ‘Device Reservation’.

  • Kei

    Yorkdale Mall. Manager said “no unlocked 16gb gold”.

  • Wuju

    Heard from people lining up infront of me saying

    Upper Canada mall Apple Store employees tell the line up there are no gold 16GB iPhone 5s configurations available as well.

  • ddsmak

    Hi Gary, thanks for tip to use the Apple Store app instead of the browser. The app was online before the webpage. I ordered thru the app and already received an email confirmation. 😀

  • Poochi

    Oct 7th to 10th for my order.

  • Poochi

    This is the worst launch ever! They are totally not ready for 5S launch. (and don’t give a 1$@% about 5C, I got my 5 🙂

  • KB

    Ditto thanks for the app tip. 16GB 5s gold ordered with 7-10 day shipping.

  • James Vanderbilt

    To the best of my knowledge all the Rogers (and Fido) corporate stores in Victoria, BC will have none for launch.

  • Cheers! Remember, Gary is best

  • Ryan Laker

    To clarify, none of the Rogers Plus or Fido corporate stores on Vancouver island will have 5S stock for launch.

  • Really? Victoria is a ‘small’ market but it’s so bloody nice to live here.

  • poochi

    I think this will not land will for carriers lol.
    1. Contract price went up by $20/month on average
    2. They don’t have 5S for sale

  • George

    Just to clarify, Canadian orders are:
    Available to ship: 7- 10 business days Delivers: 9 Oct – 15 Oct by Standard Shipping

    Which means it will only be shipping in 7-10 days, not delivered.

  • iPhone Forerver

    Anybody hear what the stock is looking like for any TELUS dealers on Vancouver island? Starting to think lining up would be a epic fail. ( anywhere)

  • macmurray

    Same story in Red Deer. One store told me they’d have them but changed their story later in the day. The other store flat out said none.

    In line (well standing outside of by myself) Best Buy now. They confirmed 2 – 32GB greys for Rogers, in hand yesterday. Not sure about other models.

  • macmurray

    Hopefully (for Apple) it’s just us tech-blog reading customers that want the 5s and the 5c will still sell like hot cakes. That was their gamble, we’ll see how it shakes out soon.

  • Magrat22

    Did you have any luck? I ended up going downtown here and none of the cell stores had any!! BB a bit too far for me to get too on transit. Have reserved with Rogers now but am no. 331..eek. Oh well at least it’s reserved 🙂

  • macmurray

    Yeah got one at Best Buy. I did hear from one person at a Rogers store that Purolator dropped the ball on deliveries yesterday… So maybe the launch stock will show up today?

  • Magrat22

    Ohh good to know..thx.

  • Photodr

    I went to a Fido retailer in Rosemere, Qc. They had no 5S at all, only a couple of 5C. Went to the Future Shop, they had 6 5S in total. 1x 64gb, 2x 32gb and 3x 16gb.

    I got home with a gold 32gb.

  • ZBC

    What time did Eaton Centre sell out yesterday? I checked out the store after a concert to saw that they had put up a sign last night saying they were completely out of stock of the 5S.

  • Xaxxus

    More than 20 bucks a month. I went to go pick up a 5s from a carrier (buying straight out for the full price). They wanted me to cancel my current contract and go onto one of the new 2 year contracts.

    Cost was 100 bucks a month for the contract. No way in hell am i throwing away my 5gb per month (55 bucks a month) for that.