Apple Submits Updated Campus 2 Plans to Cupertino, Reveals Stunning Renderings


Steve Jobs surprised the Cupertino City Council when he personally showed up to explain and debut plans for a new massive Apple Campus 2. The original campus plans were submitted back in the summer, and residents were able to participate in an environmental impact report as well. The City of Cupertino has posted the updated documents Apple submitted, dated November 4, 2011.

Check out the proposals yourself:

These new plans are massive 40MB+ .PDF files in high detail and document the entire floor plans of the campus. Apple Campus 2 will be ‘an integrated 21st century campus surrounded by green space, and will consist of 2.8 million square feet over four stories, and accommodate up to 13,000 employees.

The campus will be extremely green and have beautiful natural surroundings, as 6000 various species of trees will adorn the entire campus, as implemented by the senior arborist from Stanford hired for the project.

The plan lays out extreme details such as proposals for vehicular (left) and pedestrian (right) circulation around the massive campus as well:

Finally, here are some enhanced renderings of what the final Apple Campus 2 will look like–it’s gorgeous:

The Apple Campus 2 was the vision of Steve Jobs, when he quietly acquired the former HP campus after it was abandoned in 2010. As noted in the Steve Jobs biography, written by Isaacson:

He admired the way that Hewlett and Packard had built a lasting company, and he prided himself on having done the same at Apple. Now he wanted to showcase headquarters, something that no West Coast technology company had.

“I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.”

Steve, I think you’ve outdone yourself here.


  • Awesome!  Steve deeply cared about his Pixar campus and this one shares the same beauty / art.

  • Kraken

    Surprised it’s not in the shape of an Apple.

  • This is divine, a dream campus!

  • Auto Strada

    what you can do with the same passion as Steve and more money than the entire US gov’t.

  • I’m not seeing a Steve Jobs Memorial site in the plans.  

  • Byron

    I do.

  • So now Steve Jobs is an architect ? Will the fandom ever end ?

  • That would be tacky.

  • Dude

    Now you’re an ANYTHING? I’m shocked.

  • architect3142

    only one dining area? make it two, on either sides of the diameter, or have one at the centre… i pity the folks who have to walk all the way across the circle to get to lunch 

  • Auto Strada

    Jobs was an architect? Holy shit! I thought he was an apple farmer.

  • edifice complex?

  • Mcgrady_farell

    Reminds me of some Zeitgeist thing… ^^

  • Amitp


  • I watched Steve’s meeting with the Cupertino council, shame he’s not around to see it take shape.

  • Xtcpage

    It’s a space ship.. and Steve Jobs was an alien and he ate tiger meat

  • Bob Dropzone Barker

    lol Cannot connect to Cupertino’s servers. I bet all us Macheads are crashing it!

  • Nobody

    I highly doubt they will have 6000 species of trees! There are only about 1000 species in N America.

  • Sfbay

    no more corner office?

  • Hågar

    Some people actually walk short distances. It is actually recommended after a meal. You sound like one of the people in WALL-E!

  • John Baxter

    OK I want to be 55 years younger and work at Apple once this is built. 

  • Billy

    Next professional goal, have a business appointment in that building.

  • SB – 6000 trees of various species.

  • Stuart Willard

    He had a vision for this type of building from way back actually, Lord Foster and others have/will made it come true. Creatively minded clients usually have considerable input into a design, architects often are the means by which such a vision is made practical. Non creative types seldom understand the process of design in whatever form it takes, clearly no change here in that perception.

  • Heru Ammen

    It doesn’t overpower its environment like skyscrapers and cookie cutter office complexes. It adds a new dimension to it. It shows what humans can do when we envision to add beauty to our environment as opposed to disrupting/destroying nature and replacing it with ego-driven edifices. 

  • Kraken

    It would be good for branding purposes, as well as free advertising from the air 🙂

  • WhatThe

    Doesn’t take a lot of “vision” to rip-off the original idea from the Pentagon’s building design, make it a circle and call it his own.

  • Seanwal

    Yeah yeah, dream on, 

  • Kraken

    Yup.  Looks like a more futuristic circle version of the Pentagon design.   “Good artists copy.  Great artists STEAL.”  – Pablo Picasso

  • Twingo

    Now he wanted to showcase headquarters, something that no West Coast technology company had. ==> what about Oracle???

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just because any “circle” like building has to be ripped off from the Pentagon. I mean, the Pantheon in Rome was built even before the Romans got there, but no, the inspiration has to be from the Pentagon.

    If you’ve ever seen the Pentagon, it has no trees around it. It’s HUGE, and overwhelms its surroundings. It’s a concrete edifice. This new Apple HQ will be as far as you can get from the feeling that one gets from the Pentagon, other than it’s large.

  • aso Wang


  • WhatThe

    What are you talking about?  The Pantheon looks nothing like either buildings, even though it’s concept is similar.  The Pentagon’s architecture is a modern day icon, and is undoubtedly where Steve stole his “vision” from.  You’d have be blind or an idiot not to see that. 

  • Ken Elliott

    SJ: “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.”

    Uh… so you made it in the shape of a giant Zero?

  • Moctod

    Wow. AppleHaters on the internet. Who woulda thunk?

    Do me a very dear, and personal favor… Keep being stupid.