Apple Sues Samsung Again, This Time Over Tablet & Phone Case Designs


Ever since Smart Cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 were revealed, it’s just been a matter of time when Apple puts down the lawsuit hammer on the Korean manufacturer since just be looking at it, anybody could tell that the design was a total rip off of Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Covers. Even though Samsung claims that the Smart Cases (pictured below) never actually went on sale, we learn that Apple has just sued Samsung in Sydney, Australia over tablet and phone case designs according to a recent report by Bloomberg. The Cupertino giant has reportedly issued a notice of infringement that identifies 10 patents it believes the Samsung cases are violating.

Citing from the news source:

Apple issued the notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia over the cases, and will file a statement of claim, Apple’s lawyer Stephen Burley said at a hearing in Sydney today. Samsung’s lawyer Katrina Howard said at the same hearing the company was served with the notice that the cases infringe at least 10 patents.

The latest claims further expand patent disputes between the two companies that have spread across four continents. Apple and Samsung have filed more than 30 lawsuits against each other, according to the Suwon, South Korea-based company.

However, since the Smart Cases were never produced by Samsung directly, it is possible that Apple’s claims of infringement would relate to some other case design since Samsung currently offers several different styles of cases for its latest Galaxy tablet.


  • Auto Strada

    I’m also suing Samsung for not being Canadian.

  • Hank Romualdez

    What is it with these Korean manufacturers? Even Korean automobile manufacturers make cars that closely resembles somthing else. Pathetic I’d say. The quality of products are good enough. So why mimic the look and feel of something else?

  • Auto Strada

    the Veloster looks like a scrotum, I think.

  • Dennis_eats_RIBS!!!

    wow here we go again Apple…..wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • Frankie

    I suppose that’s why companies patent their designs. The thing is, all these technologies had been invented before. RIMM has been using magnet triggered cases for years, but Apple went ahead and patented their designs. These technologies (iPhone interface, magnet cases physical look of the phone and software, etc.) are as fundemental as wheel is to a car. In other words, Apple didn’t invent the wheel, but patented the use of it. Now, if any manufacturer tries to use those designs they get sued by Apple. That means, all non Apple manufacturers have to either license those patents or reinvent the wheel on their products. We are to see some interesting new and unconventional designs in near future for sure.

  • ????Dennis

    You just ruined your first joke (which I thought was funny) with this lame one….

  • ????Dennis

    Hahahahaha! Love the name!

    So hilarious. I was actually reading this and thinking of you! See I told you, Samsung are rip off artists. It’s actually quite pathetic… Google an Apple smart cover and they look exactly the same to these exact Samsung covers.

  • Auto Strada

    dammit 🙁

    the scrotum joke was inspired by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear

  • Dennis_finished_his_dry_ribs

    I agree with Frankie, Apple also has plans to patent the name Apple, so in the future we cannot call the fruit that grows on trees Apples. We must find a new name because Apple has patented it to refer to their electronics only and not an edible fruit that has been there for thousands of years. Its so pathetic in reality, if Apple was a person they would be the snot nosed kid in the school yard who is driven to school by their nerdy parents in a beige volvlo and who cries foul at every game they play because they cannot win and seeks to change the rules. Basically a suck!

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