Apple Looking to Crash Samsung’s Expensive Olympics Party [u]


Samsung, being the exclusive mobile phone sponsor of the Rio Olympic Games 2016, is selling its handsets to hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to Olympic venues. However, Apple may be looking to crash the party by tempting some of these buyers outside the venues with its own unofficial Games merchandise, Reuters is reporting. The Cupertino company is selling special-edition Apple watch bands at an Apple Store just six miles from the main Olympic park.


Although these exclusive Apple Watch bands do not feature the iconic Olympic rings logo or the word “Olympics”, which are for the exclusive use of sponsors like Samsung, a number of buyers, including top athletes, have been proudly advertising their new bands on social media. The bands are being offered in a choice of 14 national team colours, including the United States and Canada. A Brazil-themed nylon band was close to selling out this week, notes the source.

“While they don’t appear to be breaking any rules, they appear to be getting really close to the edge of ambush or guerilla marketing,” said Jeff Benz, who arbitrates disputes for international dispute-resolution firm JAMS and is a former general counsel at the U.S. Olympic Committee. 

“As long as they do not use the Olympic logo, the Rio 2016 logo or our look, there is no infringement,” said Sylmara Multini, director of licensing and retail for the Rio 2016 organizing committee. Athletes can also fall foul of Olympic rules if they market a non-official sponsor’s products during the Games – but not if they do it well before the event.

Here’s what the Canadian Apple Watch band looks like–let us know if you’re going to pick one up (if you do, email us some pics!):

News of these country-specific Apple Watch bands was reported last month, with team colours available for 14 nations.

The bands are selling for 296 reais ($95 USD) each, and only from the Cupertino tech giant’s store in Barra de Tijuca.


  • sukisszoze

    I’m interested to see what a ‘Canadian’ band will look like..might just pick one up if it’s ever available on Apple Store.

  • raslucas

    man… Making a “Canadian” one with no maple leaf is just lame. Could just as well be Austria eh?

  • Salinger

    They’re just striped bands. I saw pictures of the entire set. If I wasn’t told they were meant to represent country colours, I’d not have a clue that’s what they were. At least not when you look at each one on its own.

    Look at the Canadian one pictured above for example. If this was for sale in an Apple store, would you ever think “Hey, there’s a Canada watch strap”? Doubtful. I’d just think, “oh, a red and white striped watch band. Who’d want that?”

  • I agree, it could be more distinguished as a Canadian flag

  • Updated the post with a pic!

  • Maybe if I was the red Power Ranger #morphintime

  • sukisszoze

    So lame..where’s the Maple Leaf!?! I see flags of England, Japan and Korea in that pic. Without it, it’s just another band with red and white stripes..

  • GaDgEtMoN

    Lol… Are they serious? $95.00 for a band that says, we are the country of Candy Stripers. Something that symbolizes Canada on it would have been nice..