Apple to Soon End Support for 32-bit iOS Apps



An error message discovered in the new iOS 10.3 beta suggests that Apple may soon end support for 32-bit apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, CultofMac is reporting. The message says that certain apps won’t work with future versions of iOS, and encourages developers to update them . 

“This app will not work with future versions of iOS,” reads the error as noted by developer Peter Steinberger. “The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility”.

As of February 2015, Apple required all developers to support 64-bit chips when submitting new iOS apps — and that policy was extended to cover updates to existing apps in June of the same year. But not every title in the App Store has been updated since then.

When the transition to 64-bit is complete, older iOS devices — including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and the fourth-generation iPad — will no longer get app updates, and won’t be compatible with the newest iOS releases.

Although Apple is yet to confirm when it will drop support for 32-bit iOS apps, it’s likely to happen with iOS 11 later this year.


  • andrez1

    That’s going to tick off a lot of people, including me. I may have to stop updating my IOS then. I have a number of old IOS apps that are still 32-bit. I suspect some of them are never going to be recompiled as 64-bit, as some of the developers seem to have abandoned their apps.

    Instead, Apple should either have a compatibility mode, or recompile these apps themselves. Some of these apps I just don’t want to say goodbye to – some of them I paid for.

  • Dominic

    Agreed maybe Apple should refund us for those apps if they incompatibilise it.

  • skydivertak

    Apple has been warning developer for two years that this will happen. The apps affected may not have been recompiled or upgraded since then (and will likely not work right with newer iPhones anyways). I’ve been getting a few “this app is causing the iPhone to run slowly”, indicating that the app has probably not been compiled for at least iOS10.
    I try to keep older apps for use on our “hand-me-down” iPhones like the 4S.
    But yes, I suspect a bunch of my current apps will stop working.

  • Scr-U-gle

    They do.

    I had an issue with an old app I paid for (£60) and they offered to refund it in full, five years after I bought it.

    I figured out a way to get it working so just kept the old app instead.