Apple To Expand its iPhone Trade-In Program To Canada Soon



The iPhone trade-in program gives customers an affordable way of upgrading to a new iPhone. The offer, which can only be redeemed at an Apple store, allows any customer to trade in their iPhone (3G or later) for a store credit which they can use to purchase a newer iPhone.

The program was first introduced in the U.S in late August 2013, and in October the company expanded it into the UK. The program has yet to make its way into Canada, Apple’s largest retail market containing 29 store locations.

The expansion of the iPhone trade-in program to other countries is tied to agreements with Apple and recycling partners. In the United States and United Kingdom, Apple works with a company called BrightStar. It is likely that Apple is working with BrightStar and other firms to bring the program to other major countries such as Germany and France in the near future.

Previous job listings have shown Apple’s interest of moving the iPhone trade-in program to other countries, including Canada. According to Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac, a source with knowledge of the program says it will expand into Canada within the coming weeks.

The source says that training for Apple Store employees in Canada will begin this upcoming week…

Apple CEO Tim Cook designed the program, along with members of his executive team, to try and increase iPhone sales within Apple’s own retail stores.


  • Clarke

    You would have to be a fool not to sell your device on kijiji. Apple gives you $250 max according to the US programme. You would literally be throwing away hundreds of $ depending on your model of course.

  • CanuckDerek

    True. My phone carrier stared a trade in program for phones to receive an in store credit towards an upgrade phone, and some people with the 4S 64GB are only getting about $112 for their phone, when it could be sold for twice or three times that amount.

  • Yup.

    Most of the time these programs are for those who can’t be bothered to sell their device used on classifieds, therefore paying the premium of getting less for their device without the hassle.

  • Bagobones

    These programs are also good for the MANY that have damaged phones that are MUCH harder to off load… My wife hasn’t owned a smart phone yet where the screen hasn’t been cracked.. And i have wore out the power on off button on at least 2 phones.

    Much hardware to get good money for those on classifieds although YES you still can.

  • einsteinbqat

    Indeed. If one can sell your iPhone on Kijiji, eBay, or other sites, one would certainly get more money for your device than what Apple could offer. In the best conditions, one would get 150USD for a 64GB iPhone 4S, and 250USD for a 64GB iPhone 5 through the programme with Apple, which is way lesser than what one could get online or other classified advertising methods. Apple’s programme may be an acceptable solution to reduce the price of a new device, but I honestly think that one should definitely try to sell it on one’s own terms before turning to Apple. Some people just can’t be bother with this sort of things or simply just don’t realise how much more money they could get. Their loss.

  • ECBomb

    Time is money for a lot of people though. There are a bunch of jerks who waste your time on CL, Kijiji, etc. and it can become time consuming to separate the legit buyers from low-ballers. Not to mention you’ll have to find a time and place that works for both of you.

  • Groagun

    I thought one of the catches was also that you had to sign or be signed to a contract with a service provider. So purchasing a phone out right, contract free is not possible. Is this true?