Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday


With the recent negative press Apple has been receiving regarding the iPhone 4 reception issues, All Things Digital is reporting that Apple will be having an invite-only press conference this Friday. Could it be a full preview of what iOS 4.1 could be offering and how Apple will address this out of control PR nightmare?

Here are the details from ATD:

Apple (AAPL) is holding an invitation-only press conference Friday July 16 at its Cupertino headquarters. In an e-mailed invitation the company offered few details beyond the event’s topic: the iPhone 4. But given the events of the past few weeks, it’s likely we’ll be hearing quite a bit more about the device’s reported reception problems and Apple’s plans to address them.

The announcement comes amid rumors that future manufacturing runs of the iPhone 4 will see a non-conductive coating applied to the device’s external antenna to reduce reception problems.

For Canadians waiting patiently for the iPhone 4, this could come as positive news since we will most likely get “fixed” units, rather than the first run of iPhone 4s. Maybe then Apple will be able to squash this PR disaster once and for all.

What do you think will be announced? Free Bumper cases for all or even possibly free yellow dishwashing gloves?



  • Enigma

    Wrong, actually they are already out. Read this

  • Think its gonna be yellow gloves, makes more sense.

  • Helvetica

    We may get “fixed” units. But we may not get them to September.

  • Dwight990

    would it be the iglove,

  • Yeah. In this case, the extra wait might be worth it.

  • Noeyak

    I hope they hold the press conference right!!!!!! HAHAHAHEHEHE!!!!!!!!

  • Yellow, orange, or pink? Tough choice! 😉

  • Yellow, orange, or pink? Tough choice! 😉

  • Matt

    HA! Well played.

  • Noeyak

    I just hope Apple doesn't insult our intelligence and that Steve Jobs if he is present doesn't set his reality distortion field on STUN!!!!

  • Yeehaw

    I think the announcement could be the delay of the iPhone 4 coming to the other countries?

  • xyber

    Two announcements:

    1. A recall or something to the same effect for current iPhone 4 owners experiencing issues.
    2. Canadian and international iPhone 4 release dates will be pushed back to at least mid-August.

  • D4Yv3

    They wouldn't hold a Press Conference just for that – it is probably related to PR issues and (hopefully) news on iPhone 4 release dates in other countries.

  • Mr. Mac

    I think they're going to show vulnerability points in other smartphones and how they lose signal similar to the iPhone 4 and they'll show actual numbers of dB. They're going to show a test which will debunk consumer reports and explain how iOS 4 fixes the issue like they claimed.
    I think they will also stress that iPhone 4 gets the best signal of any smartphone by showing how it works better in a low connectivity area when other phones fail (isn't the whole reason the antenna is in the outside so that it gets a better signal?) I for one wouldliene to see numbers backing up this claim. I was disapointed that neither apple nor the consumer reports showed numbers to this regard. The consumer report dissed the death grip, but when not in death grip, does the iPhone 4 get the best signal of all? I think they will show this on Friday.
    I don't think they're going to offer free bumpers, though I'm 70/30 on this issue. I think they're probably offended at some of the claims this week and are going to want to prove themselves right by showing tests, data and actual numbers.
    They will also announce the release date for Canada. I'm still hoping for the 23rd.

  • Ron

    I was right!!!!nooooooouuuu!:( I want an iPad.

  • jerryjai

    I highly doubt they will have a recall for the phone. They are probably gonna provide supplements to deal with these issues. I have a sense the iPhone in Canada will not be delayed!

  • skull

    ehhh?? In the past, I didn't like Apple because their products simply sucked. Then I was impressed with the iPhone (still havent owned one and waiting for 4). Then the reception issue: back to hating Apple. If they do fix it, hell ill be their customer for years to come!

  • Noahattic

    this's definitely not a big issue for apple. me and i think many ppl just like me don't expect too much. all i want to hear is they say”ok, it's our fault, we made a bad design, and we're gonna fix it.” simple as that. i will be quite and patient waiting it launching here. that's it!!!!

    please don't throw those PR shit again…..

  • Scott

    What flavor was that Kool-Aid?

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  • Ex

    Apple flavored.


  • Whiterhino14

    This is great news. Even die hard Apple fans like myself were starting to feel that the lack of response from apple was really unacceptable. I don't know if there really is a major problem with the iphone 4, I don't own one yet. however I do expect Apple to defend itself or make things right for their customers if a major flaw exist. I believe we will be able to discern from this conference whether Canada will be getting the iphone 4 this month of not.
    Gimme my dam phone!!!

  • Artiemil


  • Michael R.

    I'm actually just getting annoyed by all of this. The antenna issue, wherein the figurative straw that broke the camel's back was the lack of recommendation from Consumer Reports, is getting out of hand. This is just a phone, and I'm frankly getting tired of waiting for Apple to make any sort of announcement on the July release to the eighteen countries, including Canada. I have an LG Keybo that's been falling apart for quite some time (the entire front display, keypad, and headset don't function, and one of the hinges on the phone is completely broken. I've been waiting for the iPhone 4 launch to get rid of said disaster-piece, however, I'm getting sick and tired of waiting, and am strongly considering jumping ship to the BlackBerry. Although I understand they are working on “solving” the antenna issue, Apple should acknowledge the second wave of release, and frankly, Canada should've gotten the iPhone 4, on June 24th like the US did, and I'd be more than glad to purchase a Bumper (although I know I shouldn't have to, bla bla bla), in order to get this phone. If this phone doesn't launch by the end of July, Apple has lost a loyal customer, but I'm one person, who knows in this consumerism-driven world, one person means nothing, so carry-on, and thanks for reading.
    /end rant

  • draz

    Great news actually. I think we might find out for sure when we expect to get the iPhone 4 in Canada (along with the other 17 countries).
    I hope it is not delayed and is coming out on July 28th/30th. I doubt we would see a recall, maybe just a “WE FIXED IT!!” announcement with iOS 4.1 but we will find out overnight and tomorrow when more devs get their hands on it and see if the 'death-grip' has been 'fixed'
    I don't think we will hear anything about the White iPhone 4 during this press announcement.

    Thursday is going to go by so slowly….

  • excaliburca

    If they actually announce they'll be fixing the units, then yea I'd wait too.

    Curious if they're going to recall the iphone 4s out there already if they do announce a fix.

  •  Xaroc

    stealing my iGlove idea! lol

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Speculate much? Geeeesh!

  • Guillaume

    Same thing here.

  • Michael R.

    Maybe an iPology.

  • djepsilon

    You are so impatient that you would ruin your cell phone experience by buying a BlackBerry? Just be patient, relax and enjoy your family (or whatever Steve said). You'll be happy you did.

  • djepsilon

    Nope, they'll be in the shape of ninja turtle hands to go along with the new ninja turtle themed iPhone aka the iTurtleCom.

  • djepsilon

    How much you wanna bet the conference just ends up being Steve bragging about how many iPhone 4's Apple has sold with no mention of the antenna issues.

  • Michael R.

    Wise words, I suppose. I'm just getting impatient, and agrivated.

  • Michael R.

    Not to mention neglected, and on my own part dissapointed. People are starving, and I'm here ranting about a phone.

  • rorypiper

    I'm guessing press conference is to announce the delay of international release . They/might/ tell us, it's because of a “small” issue they need to fix.

  • nOviA

    iOS maybe solve the problem&the nEw production will be 0-Ok

  • Carlos

    To announce the iPhone 5

  • Mm

    why apple dont produce white iphone? !

  • Ralph

    I really don't mind having a fixed units. I really like the iPhone 4 and i think i will probably pick up one now if they do offer the fix, or else it will be Android Desire/Nexus One for me.

  • Frenk

    iPhone/Canada mark down July 28 in your calendars……

  • Frenk

    not 23rd, it's the 28th

  • Frenk

    oooh unless they announce the release date this minute, I'll stam my feet on the ground, hold my breth and buy a blackberry….waah waah waah. That'll make them announce the date immediately. You frigging baby.

    It's july 28th .

  • Frenk

    1. wrong.

    2. WRONG. It's July 28th!!!

  • Dwight990

    I want MYPHONE SO BAD, oops i mean iphone< with a free iglove, or i be imad

  • TSi SPY 007

    I heard from a Vancouver cell store that the Canadian release date is pushed back to August 2nd… guess we'll find out on Friday!

  • I'm hoping it's a bit of both announcements. Acknoledge the antenna issue (which really, only some people are experiencing), explain what's going on, and then at the end they can also give us the release dates for the 17(?) countries waiting for the release this month.

  • There's lots of things for them to talk about, so I understand the need for a conference.

    First, they'll review how well the iPhone is selling… the usual bragging.
    Most importantly, they're going to try and prove the antennae is not a real problem. I don't know how, but they will.
    4.1 firmware, and all the other changes that we can expect, antennae/non antennae related.
    The announcement of the release dates for other countries will be made.
    The announcement of white iPhones to go on sale (Hopefully in all countries?)
    They'll keep it friendly, and won't admit any wrong doing if you ask me. If they lied about this the whole time without some sort of plan to make them look good in the end, I'd be surprised.
    Everyones going to come out of that conference going, 'Huh… I guess Apple -is- looking out for us.' There will always be doubters.
    Just my prediction… which is optimistic. Who knows? Total Recall wouldn't surprise me either really. haha

  • ColPat

    I heard Mel Gibson is hosting this press conference with Steve jobs.

  • Spleenzorio

    Honestly I'd rather buy a 30 dollar bumper instead of wait until September. Bad enough we had to wait a month after it's been out

  •  Xaroc

    It would be a quick fix. But it's also like slapping a bumper sticker
    on a huge crack of your new car you bought yesterday. It makes it all
    look pretty, still runs well. But you know in the back of your mind
    it's flawed.

    Some people don't mind that, but myself I'm kinda a perfectionist, if
    I'm shelling money. It WILL be perfect.

  • Chrome262

    I agree with Mr. Mac. I think if Apple shows the numbers then they can debunk the bad press. Also some of the test done on here show that its also a network issue as well. When the signal loss is low or non existent on our networks, that don't have the load issues that ATT and some of the exclusive carriers in Europe, then Apple can safely say that its a low percentage issue. And being that my not present it self here, they may not delay our launch. Or offer coated and non coated phones with bumpers for the late July launch. If the BlackBerry 8330 is having the same issue, then it may well be a network specific problem, and that the newer regulations of putting the phone transmitter at the bottoms of phones actually be the huddle that all new phones have to deal with, not just the BB or Iphone 4.

  • Chrome262

    I agree to a point, I like the feel of my Iphone with out a case, so much so that when it got old enough i just put a coating on the front and a protective skin on the back. Drops be dammed (don't get me wrong there are nice cases out there). What's the point of a fantastic design if you have a case on it. If they coat the sides then i am happy. Hell the bumper is ok as well but unless is clear i wont be happy.

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  • Rover_siii

    I have had an iPhone 4 and went back To my 3GS. Along with the antenna issue is the crappy FaceTime, the proximity sensor just not working right and the random speed issues of the entire OS( I blame the crummy multitasking)
    None of these issues are present on the 3GS running IOS 4.
    No I think Apple is done for me. The iPhone 4 was not a great phone.
    Mine is now on it's way back to AT&T

  •  Xaroc

    Sorry to hear your experience didn't go so well. That's why I'm
    waiting a bit. Let my fellow Canadians test the product, wait for
    their reviews in high hopes it's an ATT issue.

  • DelaHardy

    How are you soo sure that the release is the 28th?! I hope it's true but where's the actual proof? So far it's all hear-say. I've been waiting patiently since before Gizmodo leaked info on it but now I think I will skip the line and wait til Canadians put their own reviews out.

  • Michael R.

    I hate to quote myself, but I think I covered that ground… “I'm one person, who knows in this consumerism-driven world, one person means nothing”