Apple To Integrate Vimeo & Flickr In Upcoming iOS 7 [Report]


As reported by 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, Apple is going to integrate video site Vimeo and photo sharing site Flickr into the next version of iOS. According to an anonymous source familiar with the development of iOS, Apple is planning to include an increased presence of third-party social networks in iOS 7.

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Just like YouTube, iOS users will be able to upload video straight to Vimeo from their iPhones and iPads. Similarly, users will be able to upload their photos to Yahoo’s photo sharing website Flickr straight from their devices.

“Both Flickr and Vimeo will now also be integrated deeply into the new operating system, so users will be able to sign into the respective networks via iOS 7?s built-in Settings application. Like with iOS’s Facebook and Twitter ties, Apple customers will be able to log-in one time into each social network and have full sharing access.”

The report speculates that With Flickr integration, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch customers will have the ability to share photos on their devices to Flickr with a single tap from the system-wide share menu. Also, similar to Facebook and Twitter, the new iOS integration for Flickr will allow for instant log-in to Flickr via various App Store apps.

Last year, Apple added Facebook integration to iOS and the year before, Twitter made its way into iOS.


  • MikeJenkinson

    Considering the positive changes to Flickr yesterday, I’d support built-in Flickr integration.

  • Yeah it would make things a heck of a lot easier.

  • OliChabot

    The hipster in me would like Instagram integration…

  • Olley


  • WallsOfJericho316

    Tumblr integration would be excellent.

  • Al

    “Positive” changes?!? Holy crap. My first thought when reading this article was if Apple would have considered this integration if they had known then what flickr was about to become.

    I’m open to new ideas, but Yahoo just TRASHED flickr. It has become very awkward, often more complicated, and is a layout that does not allow me to see my pictures the way I would like. Plus, the menus don’t work right under IE10 (which I’m sure they can fix, but why the heck did they release it without testing that).

    I, like a bazillion other people, am currently in the process of looking for a flickr replacement.