Apple To Open Five New Stores In Canada


In Canada, Apple has 15 stores, the majority of which are in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Starting in the Summer/Fall 2010, Apple will be opening five new stores in the following cities:

  • Quebec: Quebec City (one location)
  • British Columbia: Richmond Centre (Richmond; one location)
  • Ontario: Upper Canada Mall (Toronto; one location)
  • Alberta: Chinook Centre & Southgate (Calgary/Edmonton; two locations)

The Southgate Apple Store location has already opened on May 28, 2010 and we reported on finding job postings for the Richmond Centre Apple Store back in March 2010.

It is great to see more Apple Stores opening in Canada, as the more locations that there are in Canada, the more great support and service Canadians can receive. It also gives Canadians more outlets to purchase their unlocked iPhone 4!

Are you near one of the new and upcoming Apple Stores? Has the construction started?



  • I live near Richmond Centre in BC and the whole mall is going through a restructuring as about half the mall is getting new stores, so I can't wait to see the new Apple store as well as the other new things coming!

  • Nickolai_holliday

    yeah! Calgary can't wait! gonna get some stuff there for shure

  • ottobud

    Tiny correction: Upper Canada Mall is in Newmarket, not Toronto.

  • Sean Vedell

    The GTA seems to be the only place in Ontario “worthy” of an Apple Store. Not all of us live around Toronto. Hamilton, Burlington, Ottawa, Barrie and other areas certainly could use a store so we don't have to drive into the insanity that is a trip to Toronto. Come on Apple, more stores please.

  • dudemaster

    They need to have one in London to cover SW Ontario.

  • Cdnphoto

    Ottawa has an Apple store too, but I do hear you on the number of Apple Stores in the GTA. I don't know any other city (in the world) that has as many stores. This would be the sixth in the GTA.

  • Pat

    I just applied! Thanks a lot iPhone Can!

  • Pat

    Does anyone know the exact dates of the openings?

  • Garym

    we need one out east,,nova scotia would be great

  • I really wish they would open one anywhere in Atlantic Canada! It would be nice to have one closer to me than Quebec.

  • DaveMTL

    We've been hearing rumours of a store at DIX30 on the south shore of MTL Anyone have news? I realize that MicroBoutique is there but Id prefer an actual Apple Store.

  • linzter

    I wish they would open up one on Vancouver Island… the ferry is expensive 🙁

  • Livininmtl

    Stop giving stores to Vancouver and Richmond! Us folks over on Vancouver Island are getting screwed! lol

  • Zeke

    It's hard to fathom the choice of Newmarket, which is at worst a 30 minute drive from Toronto's Fairview Mall Apple Store, when 2 million Atlantic Canadians don't have a single Apple Store. Why not Halifax?

  • wuju

    Hurray. I do live in Newmarket. 🙂

  • Christopher

    …the majority in Ontario, Alberta and BC?

    BC only has 2, Alberta has 3. Quebec also has 3 and all of them are in the greater Montreal area.

  • Market Mall has one already… even if you live in the south it isn't THAT far

  • John

    We need an Apple Store in Windsor. It's perfect for business with U.S. right beside it and a growing teen population who loves anything technology.

  • Jake

    i agree theres a lot of aple lover around her. its a pain to have to drive to detroit to go to an apple store

  • Stuart G. Friedman

    But the US stores would bleed off the profit margin. A Macbook is at minimum 15% higher in Canada and it is pretty hard to stop the smuggling. The only thing Detroiters would buy in Windsor is unlocked iPhones and given the massive variation in price between the subsidized locked version and the unlocked versions, you’re talking a small group of international travellers (or folks who want to run an iPhone on TMobile’s slower 2g network).

  • JGS

    I’m a Nova Scotian, transplanted to Calgary in 2008 like so many others. I recently bought an iMac and should have done the switch from PC years ago, it’s so much more user friendly and reliable. Friends of ours back east have been using Mac for years, they deal with a Mac distributor in Dartmouth. Can’t recall the name, but you can find them in the yellow pages. They’ve been around for awhile, a small setup but they only deal in Mac.