Apple To Solve iPhone 4 Reception Problem With Antenna Hardware Fix?


Later last night, reports indicated that Apple may be working on a “brute force” hardware fix for the iPhone 4 antenna problem.

AppleInsider claims that people familiar with the matter have indicated that Apple has decided on an actual hardware fix for the iPhone 4.

Sources have reportedly revealed that the “mechanical fix” is the equivalent of placing a rubber stopgap inside of the iPhone 4. By changing the inside of the device, Apple leaves the outside aesthetics of the iPhone 4 untouched.

“From a cosmetic purpose, it’s going to be completely transparent,” Kumar said. “But from an engineering perspective, it’s going to be more of a brute force than an elegant addition.”

Although, some of wondered if this “fix” is really just a band-aid to quickly address customer complaints. Going back and inserting a mechanical piece does not seem to have the usual suave of Apple engineering.

On the other hand, issuing an iPhone 4 recall may not make sense for Apple, which would force the company into essentially redesigning the device. A recall would also very likely push back the Canadian launch date of the iPhone 4.

So what do you think? Do you prefer a recall and fresh, new device? Or the same iPhone 4 with an unseen internal hardware fix?



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  • Senators24

    I want it released in Canada ASAP, I don't care if it looks the same, if it can do the job, and do it for the lifetime of the phone, then I'm happy. I DO NOT want a recall (as a Canadian).

  • Anthony

    The thing is, it currently can't do it's job as a phone. Recall or not, I just want it released WORKING.

  • Correct. I hope Apple has been ahead of the game and already fixed the issue for the Canadian release. Would be stupid not to have. I'm kind of glad we had to wait and see the outcome from our neighbors below. =)

  • Ralph

    to be honest i just want the phone itself…probably the best fix is the hardware fix. A recall will definitely push back the release date and it will take ages for them to release. JUST GIVE US THE PHONE PLEASE!!!

  • I certainly hoped the ones meant for Canadian soil will already be addressed and released on time here without delay. Since if it is a simply an insertion of a extra piece it shouldn't affect the manufacturing line that much. The recall should not affect us because we don't have any iPhone 4s to return anyway.

  • excaliburca

    If the internal fix works and stays working I'm fine with that. Sounds like something that can be done at an Apple store…

  • This is random, but I'm watching CTV, they said that “There will NOT be a recall, and the release date in Canada is still intact”. We shall see what Jobs says today at the conference, but this iPhone issue is ALL over the news 😛

    Oh, BP STOPPED THE OIL LEAK!! ~ ahem, bout time.

  • Danielboucher
  • Iptorrentin

    I don't see myself ever holding a phone in that particular way; therefore I don't see myself ever having any reception issues. Just go ahead and release the iPhone 4 up here in Canada pls!

  • Wuju

    I do hope that the Canadian version will have the internal hardware fix already.

  • Frenk

    july 28….!

  • Someone

    Just get the damn thing to work properly for 3 years and afterward I don't give a rat's ass

  • Frenk

    it does work unless you deliberately hold it awkwardly – and that's just in the States from what I hear – I've yet to hear of any problems elsewhere.

  • mackman6151

    as much as i want it released asap i'd rather they addressed the issues beforehand. people like you are exactly why they most liekly WONT address the issue's at hand, because why should they if you'd just buy it regardless.

  • How do you figure?
    They are more then capable of fixing the issue at hand (USA), while releasing it in Canada problem free.

  • mackman6151

    not unless they announce a recall first. they won't release a “redesigned” iphone in canada while not having a complete recall in the usa first. they have to redesign the iphone meaning no way they'll get the new devices ready for production in the expected 1-2 weeks for international. dont forget its not only canada this second release date is the international one. what we may see is that new internal rubber stopguard released with the Canadian release, but thats just a bandaid fix lol

  • Agreed. Watching the news this morning, they say it is confirmed there will not be any recall, and most likely will offer the bumper for free. I think that would be the best route, or Apple will be quite busy the next few months fixing everyones phones, or re-designing it. I think they will go with the 1 piece hardware fix like this blog says it might, with a quick in store fix.

  • Trisignal

    Please take the time to fix the issue, and then release it in Canada.

    For all those who want it before “cause you won't ever handle it like that”, I've got a car with 3 working tires to sell to you! It's white, has metal bands on it and everything! :p

    And you'll never realize it, cause you just use the car to listen to music, or sit in, so you'll never really see the problem!!

  • Babyrocky1
  • Me

    Just fix it! I don't remember a recall from any other like the first Palm One Treo.

  • Guest

    REPENT FOR YOUR SINS APPLE! REPENT! REPENT! Seriously though. They're going to just lie about everything and try to make this all go away. I HOPE the media that is attending won't let them get away unscathed with a poor response to this public outcry.

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  • Nkom

    THey will not recall but fix if (free bumpers?)…

    The “recall” will happen next sumer with iphone4.1 😉

  • 11thIndian

    Hardware fix. Software Fix. Recall. Free bumpers. Well, now that the tech bloggers have covered all the bases we only have a few more hours to wait to find out what's REALLY going to happen…

  • Agreed.

  • Mechengtech

    With the antenna on the outside and the problem being caused by touching the antenna I am having a hard time imagining a magical invisible fix for this

  • Dlgur6750

    even though i am using an old phone that doesn't press number 8 keypad, I prefer to use this phone rather than iphone 4 if iphone 4 is not functioning properly as a PHONE.

  • Matt

    You can't use 8 on your keypad?!? You and I, sir, have extremely different definitions of a functioning phone.

  • Asking for a recall is asking for a huge delay, at least a month, and billions of dollars lost. Suffice to say, it ain't going to happen.

  • roadcarver

    I'd rather have a working device on the get go. I don't go to the US that much, and if I did, I don't want to have a phone that is not working. So long as they fix it without changing the external aesthetics, I'm fine.

  • Ludvig44

    99 % of iphone users use a case. I don't know why people complain. I think the competitors blowing the buble.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Whether there is a hardware fix or not, I think it's quite likely that the launch date for the iPhone 4 will be delayed for Canada and all the other countries including Spain and the Benelux countries among others.

    If you look at some of the online stores for the countries which are currently selling the iPhone 4 (such as the US, the UK and France), you'll notice that shipping time is estimated at three weeks at this point. Three weeks from today (Jul. 16th) takes us to Aug. 6th.

    Of course there's nothing that says that Apple couldn't shorten the currently stated shipping estimate but call me a skeptic – I don't think we're getting that phone until at least early August.

  • Ari

    It's like people have such short memories. The 3G and the 3GS both had issues with reception when they were first released and was later fixed with a radio firmware update.

    All phones have attenuation. That is a fact and changes to the radio firmware can combat that effect to a certain degree. I don't see a recall but I do wish bloggers would stop recycling the same anecdotes over and over again to make it seem bigger than it it really is.

  • Khanh

    I just want the thing out already. I hate all this waiting and it makes me feel anxious. A few sources have already said that it is not that big of an issue, and I, who likes to take care of my devices, will be putting a case on it anyway, which completely remedies the issues. Come on Apple! Bring it over to the great north by the end of July!

  • thatguy123

    ITS FRIDAY! Alex_K < ithink? Where's the big news man?

  • Uforic Cow

    There will be no recall or free bumpers. The timing of the press conference should tell you everything. 1 pm EST means stock markets haven't closed yet, if they were going to admit to having a defective product, they would have made the announcement around 3 or 4 after markets have closed. They are probably just going to reiterate some old points they have made.

  • skull

    obiously thats the best scenario .. a hardware fix that doesnt involve a bumper while at the same time no recall? hell yea!

  • Guest

    “some of wondered”? Really??

  • Babyrocky1

    On July 30th, we're going to bring the iPHone to 17 more countries

  • Trisignal

    iphone in canada on july 30th!

  • Gary

    July 30 is launch, last day not surprised.

  • Adrian

    iphone 4 in canada july 30th official from apple conference

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Glad I was wrong – July 30th release date!

  • Ralph


  • sb

    release in canada is july 30..official by steve jobs

  •  Xaroc

    Rogers updated to carrier settings 7.2
    (i Double posted same on another forum)
    maybe it helps a bit who knows. just throwing it out there

  • Bekk45

    Or maybe a car that doesn't have a passenger seat, u can still use it but not with another person, seem like a better analogy. Troll

  • Applesheep

    +1 but it seems like the U.K. Has problems also, and I don't take anything with me without a case, so I don't think for me it would be a problem, and plus i use my 3GS entirely with my right hand, but the problem still seems like a bummer. Glad I don't have to pay 30 bucks for a bumper

  • Mehran

    I don't spend money on a phone which does not communicate properly. I will use my old phone until they fix it.

  •  Xaroc

    Great plan. Those are my exact thoughts also, patients will pay off.
    Knowing apple they will start shipping out a revised model a month or
    2 after if they are putting it through the works as we speak. Screw
    all the CR reports, and the mags, I want to hear from the average
    users like you guys, I trust your opinions more then mags and bloggers
    who are doing it for a community purpose, but also a little for fame.

  • Chew

    the reception issues happens so long as there is skin contact. tip of a finger on the side will cause bars to drop. Its the OTHER phones that actually requires u to hold them in a certain way to reduce receptions.

  • emii

    Every phone needs to be held a certain way to make reception better, i find. My phone needs to be aiming upside-down to access any signal at all! I can't wait for a new phone. It would be nice if they fix the problem first before releasing in Canada, but if it's going to bump the release date back to far then I don't care.

  • Uhm, the phone will be released in the morning? Where have you been sleeping? Under a rock?

  • work

    my iphone 3gs wont work